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Sarah Loves: December 2010


Racoon T-Shirt

cardigan, thrifted
t-shirt, river island
belt, new look
shorts, h&m
tights, marks & spencer
boots, thrifted

Happy new year!!! What's everyone doing to celebrate? Tonight I'm going out for a meal but today I decided to pop into town to check out the local charity shops. I got some real awesome bargains! I brought a strawberry thick knit jumper that I'm sure I'll be wearing all March, a thin short sleeved white dainty pattern knit top and a large lace doll collared blouse that I'm planning to wear this s/s as a swing coat over my summer dresses. I also brought a handy black croc style patterned purse for my nights out at my normal purse is too huge to fit in my little party bags. I popped into New Look on my trip and brought an owl clock necklace, a white bandanna turban headband and a bird clasp belt. Over all a very successful and cheap shopping trip, now that's how you bring the new year in in style!

If anyone is interested the lip colour I'm wearing is wine from Bloom's lip stain range.  I hate wearing lipstick as I get paranoid it's going to go all over the place and on my teeth so lip stains are an easier stress free option for me. I'm absolutely in love with Bloom cosmetics and have all but one of their lip stains that look like felt tip pens. I have a couple of their nail varnishes that I enjoy wearing but I'm awful at remembering to apply it. I've only just learnt Max Factor have recently brought out some lip stain pens so I'll be all over those as soon as I spy them in Boots.

I'd just like to finish this post with a special Thank You to everyone who has visited, read, commented or followed my blog. I started this blog in early 2010 whilst I was in my last year and second to last term at uni. All the support I received from your lovely comments and useful advice helped keep my motivation up during the last stretch of my degree. I hope you'll continue to visit in 2011 as I promise to keep it updated and visually exciting as a new years resolution!

Hope you all have a brilliant, marvelous and incredibly happy new year!



Ways With Scarves

cardigan, zara
dress, new look
necklace, cow
belt, new look
shoes, new look

I absolutely love this scarf I got from mum for christmas. It is so Christmas-sy and cute with it's little deer prints and so very cozy. This is the cardi I got from the sale at Zara yesterday! It so warm and comfortable and will go with just about everything. Its a thick waffle knit open cardigan and kept me warm and snug all day, even during the dog walking I did this afternoon. In fact these photos were taken after the dog walk so that'll explain the state of my windswept side plait. I might add these aren't my only shoes although they have appeared in every outfit so far. They just happen to be my most comfortable brogues that go with everything. I promise I'll wear different shoes next time! The dress I originally hated when I saw it in new look in the spring but when I saw it seriously knocked down in the sale I thought I'd try in on out of curiosity. Of course as soon as I pulled it on my mind was changed and I got it, I usually hate that sort of thing but it has long sleeves (something that is a must for me for winter dressing) and is great for layering.

I've noticed not enough of my outfits so far have had vintage or thrifted items in them which is odd since I'm a serious vintage hoarder. I think it may be because of the weather at the moment - extremely cold. Its also because almost all of my bags are vintage and I haven't photographed any of them yet. I will be wearing one of my vintage tops tomorrow for new years eve. I'm not doing much, just a meal at the local Indian but I love dressing up.

I met one of my old school chums today for lunch and dog walking in the countryside by my house which was fun. I've never been allowed a dog which is a great shame because I've always wanted one and as a kid never stopped asking mum if we could have one. Of course now I'm old enough to get my own but I can't afford one or the space at the moment and instead I just take enjoy spending time walking my friends dogs with them. One of my friends has a Border Terrier named Louis who is just so much fun, he's a real doggy dog as in he'll play fetch and catch balls and run after frisbees like the crazy mutt he is. I've thought about applying for walking at my local dog shelter but it's a bit far away and to be honest I'm a bit terrified in-case I loose it. Maybe that'll be one of my new years resolutions?



Cream Bobble Cardigan

playsuit, topshop
cardigan, laura ashley
necklace, river island
shoes, new look

Please excuse the mess that is my hair and my grumpy expression. I'm not in a bad mood but the weather seemed to be in one as it was all foggy, misty and raining. I'm wearing two pairs of tights as it is well chilly, the top pair are woolly for extra warmth! I really like the playsuit but it has huge frilly sleeves that I'm not keen on so the cardigan stays on. It's nippy out at the moment anyway so there is no chance of me stripping down and taking my warm bobble cardigan off. The playsuit came with a wrap around belt in matching fabric but I used my skinny black belt with it today instead. The cardigan is a hand me down from my mum, vintage Laura Ashley. I only recently managed to snatch it off her after many years of begging this September when we moved as she did a huge wardrobe clean out. My sister is very very jealous that I finally got it but she got her fair share of goodies from mum that I'm envious of including a cream cable knit jumper that was knitted by our nanna.

I wore the above outfit to the sales today. Usually I avoid the January sales, I think it has something to do with having once been a shop assistant during a sale season and it bringing me nothing but bad memories. It's a total nightmare for those who have been lucky enough not to experience it and it doesn't half drive you crazy when you attempt to tidy the rails whilst a determined shopper behind you is pulling everything off its hanger and throwing it on the floor. I managed to survive today whilst feeling a lot of empathy for the sales assistants and brought two cardigans, one in the sale from Zara and the other not from the sale but I couldn't resist it anyway from Urban Outfitters. I much preferred the layout of the sale in Urban Outfitters compared to all the other stores I visited. Obviously someone had just gone around the store stamping all the sale products with a price gun with the sale price stickers. This meant sale items were laid out alongside full price items and in the same format so finding my size wasn't difficult, there was no messy, mix matched, crazy sale section and it was a nice to have kept the layout of the sections with products that went well together. The worst sale was without a doubt in Topshop. Rails were lined up without enough space between them and it was an insane squashed mess. I got awfully shoved and pushed about and didn't find a single thing I liked. I'm pleased about my purchases though, I've been meaning to get some warm woolly cardigans to throw over and compliment my outfits instead of hiding them under my huge coat.



Red Coat

scarf, thrifted
red duffle coat, United Colours of Benetton
gloves, marks & spencer
tights, marks & spencer
shoes, new look

Hope you've all had a very merry christmas! I spend my christmas in Cornwall this year, it was lovely we hired a cottage and spend christmas day on the beach. It was soo windy hence the duffle coat and a zillon layers. Usually when we're down there the weather is so mild I can run around in a t-shirt. We got back today so that's why there has been a lack of updates, I like to serperate myself from the digital world when I'm away, no mobile phones, no internet, no laptop, nothing. Bliss! Got the big family do on Sunday, looking forwards to seeing the cousins!

I love my red duffle coat, I got it whilst I was still at college so have had it for about four years now. It was certainly a wardrobe investment as I wear a coat right from October through to March thanks to the English weather. But that's okay because a duffle coat is a bit of a statement wardrobe classic anyway. My scarf was my dad's, it's an oldie and my favourite. I love how it's a multi coloured check and there are parts where there are just yellow and black check which makes me think of rupert bear's scarf. talking of rupert bear's scarf I've noticed they have one in urban outfitters in the menswear department, so very tempted to buy it!

I'm not looking forwards to new years eve, I don't want to even think about having to start another year as it doesn't even feel as if I've achieved much this year (altho to be fair I have graduated and had a few job opportunities so I'm not exactly a total failure)! So many new years resolutions yet I think only one of them may be achievable. What new years resolutions are you hoping to achieve? I didn't make any last year as I didn't really think about it but now I think it would be rather nice to write a list and have them hanging in my room so that I'll strive to follow them.



H! By Henry Holland

All from Debenhams

Here are some examples of outfits I would put together from the H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams collection. A lot of these products are reduced at the moment. My favourite outfit is the middle one with the printed high waisted trousers and buttoned up cropped shirt. It is something I could easily wear to go shopping or on a day trip. I love the dress in the third outfit. Mixing velvet and denim is a great idea, reminds me a bit of the 90s though, in a good way! I also like the jeans in the first image, same velvet meets denim idea.



Vintage Jumpers

All jumpers from Rokit

I have a thing for so-ugly-they're-cool 80s jumpers. You can find some real gems out there in charity shops and vintage stores. I myself prefer to stalk the local charity shops for a real bargain as I find some vintage stores can be a bit of a rip off, besides most of their stock has been nabbed from charity shops anyway. £45 for a second hand jumper?

I don't think I've ever come across knitwear in a charity shop with a price tag more than £5 - except Traid, has anyone else noticed their prices have sky rocketed over that last year or so? You do have to hunt around a bit more to find something decent but there is nothing like that warm fuzzy excited feeling you get when you find something perfect, totally unique and that you'll get change from a tenner. Not forgetting that you have the knowledge that you're giving to charity and being green by recycling. I have a really good relationship with my local charity stores, I shop there regularly and I always donate good quality clothing whenever I have a huge wardrobe clear out.

So before you go into that nice fancy vintage store don't forget to check out the charity shops the cheaper end of town, you never know what you could find.



Pink Glitter Jumper

jumper, thrifted
shorts, h&m
tights, marks & spencer

I found this fantastic jumper in the charity shop down my street a few weeks ago, it is just perfect I love it so much! Usually charity shop jumpers are huge and more jumper dresses then actual jumpers but finally I've found an old retro jumper in a size that fits and looks half decent. It is a little comfortably big but I think I can get away with that. Did I mention it's sparkly? It's a great colour, I only like bright pinks so this jumper is just brilliant, its kind of a borderline purpley hot pink. I wanted to wear this jumper with my levis denim shorts but it looked a little odd, I think the jumper is just too over powering for them haha.



Fringe Inspiration

Clockwise from top left: Zooey Deschanel, Edie Campbell, Abby Lee Kershaw and Jane Birkin

I go through phases of really wanting a fringe and I'm currently going though one. I also go though phases of wanting a pixie cut but after a few months of short hair I get bored and want long hair again! Above there are some images of people who every time I see them it makes me what to cut my fringe again! Below that is an old picture of me with a fringe taken in March. The problem is I have really fine hair, it's really thin and fluffy and fringes - whilst I tell myself I suit them and they look good - in reality they go really gappy and look stupid and stringy. It doesn't go in a nice gappy way like with the pictures above but in a kinda greasy looking way without trying to sound too gross! Even if I have just washed my hair or used dry shampoo. Oddly enough the rest of my hair looks and feels absolutely clean and normal. They're also a pain to grow out, the last fringe I got cut was in March, loved it for a month, it was starting to grow out so I went for a free trim thinking if it was tided up a bit I'd love it again but the hairdresser trimmed it really weirdly which turned me anti fringe! I tried growing it out in a side fringe but again same problem with the gapping. Maybe I'm just one of those people who can't have a fringe and I just need to learn to accept that. I'm happy with my hair how it is now, there is nothing wrong with it and I don't have to deal with constantly maintaining a fringe and making sure it's not gappy. I just have to keep telling myself if it's not broke don't fix it!


Fashionably Preppy

checked shirt, select
belt, thrifted
culottes, topshop
tights, marks & spencer

I'm wearing lots of layers underneath this outfit, a vest, long sleeved black top, two pairs of tights! I get cold easily. I love that shirt, it happens to be one of those long dress style shirts you are supposed to wear with leggings but for some reason they always look huge on me like that. It is really thick and comfortable and has real long sleeves not like those stupid 3/4 length styles they seem to only make nice shirts in nowadays. The culottes I got dirt cheap. Come to think about it this outfit only cost me £14, yay for cheap clothes! The culottes are a few sizes too big for me so I had to do some serious editing such as making an elastic waist. They're made out of a really nice silky material and have lace details on the pockets. The belt is from mum, I think its from the 1990s. I love thin waist belts! This one is for trousers to be worn on the hip so I edited it using my book making hole maker to add extra holes.

I ordered some asos goodies the other week and they've not arrived yet I'm getting so impatient. There are some xmas pressies in the order as well so I seriously hope it hasn't got lost. I brought some glasses that would have gone perfectly with the above outfit, of course I could have just worn my real ones but they've had too much exposure on here lately. Besides, they may have looked a little over the top and I could have ended up looking like a school girl.



Accessorize Shopping

This little madam always disturbs me whilst I'm trying to work! When I'm on the computer she likes to sit in between me and the keyboard, sometimes even on the keyboard! Does anyone else's cat do this? It can be rather irritating but I just can't say no to her little ginger face so I just end up giving her lots of cuddles until she's happy and had enough. The last picture was taken when I was taking a break and she was finally settled and having a snooze. She's cuddling her toy pony that I have on the end of my bed.

I stumbled across these postcard coin purses the other day when I was in town. I think they are so cool and the perfect gift for friends, more birthday presents then christmas though, I dunno they don't feel terribly christmassy. I'm particularly fond of the top three purses, especially the "from Paris" one.



Glitter Turban

dress, new look
headband, h&m
necklace, cow

I tried taking some photos outside but you really can't see the dress and my tights very well. I hope you enjoyed the snap of Pugs my cat, she's so cute I couldn't resist taking a photo of her all settled on my bed. The dress is from New Look Generation 915 range in the sale. I was rather please when I came across it as I was desperate for a velvet dress to wear around Christmas but didn't want to spend a lot on one. It also has a very pretty subtle back. I love dresses with details on the back but often its over the top of really low so you can see your bra. Being that its age 13 it fits fairly well apart from the fact it's a wee bit short (it's not really, just I get really paranoid my butt is going to hang out when the hemline isn't even anywhere near it). The woolly headband is from h&m, they are good for winter accessories! Its black and gold, I hope that is obvious. I'm wearing two pairs of tights, one thick plain black with some patterned lacy-ish ones over the top. I don't normally like wearing patterned tights on their own at I am worried I'd look too slutty! Especially with such a short dress. The necklace is from Cow in Birmingham, a vintage store that is very decently priced which makes a change, perhaps I'm just too use to London prices. I brought the necklace because whilst I was up in Birmingham visiting my sister we saw the Legend of the Guardians 3D in the Imax cinema, such a beautifully made heart warming film! I loved every second of it and wanted to buy this necklace to remind me of my visit.

I've wanted a pair of wedge boots for a while now, especially a pair of black plain chunky ones that will go with everything. They keep feet warm yet stylish so whats not to love? Most of these (actually all of these if I'm honest) are out of my price range but a girl can dream! The illustration in the middle is something I just knocked up to make this post more visually exciting. I love those shoes! I'm particularly fond of the Sam Edelman, New Look and Urban Outfitters wedges. The Sam Edelman ones would have looked fab with the above outfit come to think of it. I like the ALDO ones a lot though as they incorporate the hiking trend, something I'm a huge fan of.

My camera is now officially awful. It does happen to have a number or war wounds including a huge crack in the display screen. I'm getting tired of it taking crappy photos all of the time. Does anyone have any ideas on a decent camera I should invest in? I'm thinking a digital SLR that is compact handbag sized, and easy to use. I want one I can snap in a hurry that will still take a decent photo and pick up on detail. I have a quick gander at Argos the other day but they're all about £300! Oh well guess I'd better save up!



Winter Jumper

feather headband
over sized jumper
winter jumper
feather headband, new look
reindeer necklace, river island
jumper, thrifted
tights, primark
skirt, h&m

Snow! It was everywhere! Do I look cold? haha. The jumper is a granny navy number I got earlier that week. It came with handy detachable shoulder pads and happens to have a really nice pattern on it but you can't see it in the photos, grr oh well, I guess its because its navy on navy. The necklace I had wanted from work when I worked at River Island for ages and as soon as I could buy it I couldn't find it in the stores anywhere. Luckily they had it online! The headband I got from New Look around Easter  usually headbands don't fit on me right because I have a tiny head and they just fall down, not a good look. I love those tights. I think I've started a tight obsession, they have to be all black and patterned though and I wear them with my high waisted shorts or granny jumpers.

I really want to ombre my hair but I don't think it will work since I'm blonde already. I've been trying to get back to my natural hair colour now for ages and finally it is 85% there. There are still a few highlights left in there though the ends but they just make my natural hair colour look sun kissed from the summer so I can deal with that. In the summer when I was on holiday in Morocco the swimming pool dyed the ends of my hair blue, no joke! It was a bright neon blue, I guess it was a reaction to some left over bleach in the ends of my hair. It looked really awesome at the time actually but it was just before my graduation and I really didn't want my graduation photos with blue hair so alas I had to dye it out!