Sarah Loves

Sarah Loves: January 2011


80s Vintage Triangle Jumper

jumper, thrifted
belt, thrifted
bag, thrifted
trousers, h&m
shoes, primark

I'm in love with this jumper! I wore it all last winter right up to march and have worn it a ton already this year. It's so warm and funky! I've had mixed feedback about it though... A few friends said they loved it but my sister says she thinks it is disgusting. I like to think it is so awful its awesome :)

New feature posts coming along nicely... Watch this space! Oh and I'm still meaning to get some more watercolours so that means once again the illustration will have to come later. Sorry folks!



Equestrian T-shirt

tee, urban outfitters
skirt, thrifted
bag, thrifted
socks, new look
wedges, peacocks

I was cheeky and went thrifiting yesterday! I found this skirt and the bag, the skirt is my first ever long skirt, I only have mini skirts so this is a new look for me! What do you think? Can I work a longer length? I've been finding it hard to find something to wear with my horsey tee, I've had it for over a year now and all that usually goes with it is jeggings but even then it's a wee bit too long and looks silly but I think it works with a long skirt. I feel very much like my 9 yr old self in this outfit trying on my mums clothes as everything looks a bit huge here but the bag. I'm really gutted that I had some perfect from strappy wedges that would have gone so well with this outfit but I must have given them away in September when I moved :(

I have two brand new (and unique!) ideas for features for my blog. Well the ideas in themselves aren't that unique - what is nowadays? - but the way I'm planning to go about them certainly are! I'm working on them today so details will come later! How mysterious do I sound right now? Oh I'll give you a clue! It involves my beauty portrait illustrations :)



Equestrian Headband

headband, made by me
cardigan, new look
blouse, thrifted
belt, thrifted
culottes, topshop
shoes, thrifted

I made this horse print turban headband the other day at Holly's! Well she made it... but I designed it :P I also brought the cardigan when I was with her. I had seen it in her local new look the week before and I didn't buy it but after non stop thinking about it and how it would suit so much of my stuff this week I said to myself if they still have it and they have it in my size it will be fate and I'll have to get it! And of course, they did have it!

I haven't dyed or cut my hair since august and my new years resolution was to not dye my hair or cut it all off. So far I've had a few "omgosh i need a fringe!" or "i want a really cute pixie crop!" frenzies already but I'm going to try and ignore myself. Thing is all my teen life I changed my hair every five minutes, and although I loved my spontaneity I don't love how I looked looking back. I want long natural hair with long layers and in my natural mousey blonde colour. Its pretty much that colour now although I still have some super blonde highlights which are growing out.



80s Vintage Strawberry Jumper

jumper, thrifted
bag, thrifted
jeans, topshop
boots, thrifted

This is the strawberry jumper I bought after a charity shop trip a while ago! I have finally had the chance to wear it. I still can't get over how amazing the pattern on it is, I love the pop of red against the navy blue.



Cropped Blouse

shirt, thrifted
belt, thrifted
shorts, h&m
bag, thrifted
shoes, marks & spencer

The knee high socks are on again! They don't seem to show as much in these images. My shirt is green and sparkly and I don't think that shows either. Stupid garden lighting! Oh well you get the idea at least.

Had a fab weekend in London with my friend! Our time was mostly spent eating. We managed chinese, nandos, indian and I even had roast chicken when I got home. By rights we should be massive!

Didn't managed to see Black Swan on Friday but I will see it Wednesday! I'm going to Holly's for a little get together and diy session - we might even make a turban diy tutorial! Or we may surprise you with something else... we'll see!




necklace, river island
sweater, river island
culottes, miss selfridge
tights, marks & spencer
brogues, new look

It's freezing today! I'm going to my friends house tomorrow for the weekend so I've been spending the day sorting things out, packing, planning and keeping warm. As you can see I'm still trying to coax myself into wearing knee high socks! I didn't wear them out today. I think perhaps I may try wearing them on a night out this weekend as I'll feel braver wearing them around friends in public.

I'm hopefully going to see Black Swan tomorrow! So excited, I've wanted to see it ever since I heard about it. Natalie Portman is one of my favourite actresses and I love her films (especially Garden State - perhaps my all time favourite movie) so I'm really looking forwards to it. I can relate to the story lines. I grew up dancing ballet and seen many versions of Swan Lake. My sister was going to become a professional dancer a few years back only she's also rather clever so now she's studying chemical engineering instead. I'm so glad she decided to go with her brain over her talent - although come to think about it that is a very odd thing to say. It's a seriously competitive, tough, high pressured profession and I would hate to have thought of her not being able to handle it.

I won't be able to blog over the weekend as I'll be at a friends house so for now I wish you all a happy weekend!



Gold Oversized Jumper

jumper, thrifted
bag, river island
leggings, new look
bird ring, new look
animal rings, h&m
bracelet, miss selfridge
boots, thrifted

Wow my hair is exactly the same colour as my jumper. I felt like wearing some bling today! Another charity shop find - the jumper not the boots, I got those from a vintage store in Brick Lane. The jumper has beaded details and is a really light knit. I may even consider wearing it out clubbing only I may boil in it. Although I could wear it over the top of my outfit and just wear it to the pre-drinks and cocktails part of an evening! If I owned a maxi skirt I'd bet it'll look awesome with that but alas, I'm too short and they never fit around my waist properly.

Yesterday I made some more turbans with my cousin which was fun! She's so handy on the sewing machine. We're going to finish them off next week so expect pictures then.



Reindeer T-Shirt

hair clip, asos
t-shirt, topshop
skirt, dorothy perkins
bag, thrifted
tights, marks & spencer
knee highs, marks & spencer
shoes, marks & spencer

Can you tell how impatient I am getting about the arrival of spring already? It was sunny and clear again just like last Sunday but not at all warm! This is what I was wearing under a big thick cardigan and coat so that I wouldn't freeze.

I happen to own many pairs of knee high socks but I am very shy about wearing them exposed out in public. Usually I wear them under jeans or rolled down but I'm trying to get a little braver with my dressing this year as I love the way they look and should get over the fear! So this is my way of easing myself into it, wearing them over thick tights until I'm brave enough to wear them on bare legs which hopefully with be in spring once it's warmed up a bit.

Pugs is still really ill. She keeps of coughing so she's going to the vets first thing tomorrow. She doesn't seem too bad and not in any pain or anything so hopefully she should be alright. She still is demanding food and being her normal, bossy self.



Denim Shorts Style

top, miss selfridge
owl ring, h&m
bird ring, new look
shorts, levi's
tights, asos
shoes, thrifted

This is the sort of outfit that looks good in real life but awful in photos as the shorts for some reason look really bright.

My cat is really ill at the moment so I've spent the day looking after her. I watched 'The Talented Mr Ripley' last night. I really enjoyed it and recommend it. I also really loved Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett's hair and style in the movie. The ending is just so sad it made me cry and I hate crying at films!



Burgundy Tiger Pullover

hat, thrifted
top, river island
rings, h&m
bag, thrifted
shorts, miss selfridge
shoes, thrifted

I think this is easily my favourite sort of outfit: high waisted shorts, cropped sweater,  animal jewellery and thrifted accessories. The top has an amazing print of asian art inspired tigers or it could be tabby cats, either way its superb.

I put on this hat when I went charity shopping with Holly earlier this week and we almost forgot it wasn't mine! I could have ended up walking out with it still on but luckily I remembered whilst I was at the till buying a super cheap jumper. The hat only cost 50p and I intend to wear it lots and lots.

As promised here are the photos of the animal jewellery I got terribly excited about. I brought them from h&m yesterday and pretty much squealed with excitement when I saw them. I'm wearing the rings in the this outfit post. I just can't get enough of them.