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Sarah Loves: March 2011


Bags Video

Bags Video

Here is the other video I've made about my bags! I hope everyone enjoyed the sunny weekend! I went away to visit some family and a friend. Its got all cloudy and cold again but I really hope it gets nice again for Friday as I'm going for a good old fashioned picnic!

At the weekend I brought some really pretty things in the sales! I got a lovely floral dress from a cult outlet shop and some lovely rings from topshop. I now have two unicorn rings yay!



Anchor Shorts

jumper, thrifted
necklace, miss selfridge
belt, primark
shorts, primark
bag, thrifted
shoes, yoma

These shorts are so cute, they have little anchor and hearts on them! They are my current favourite pair and I can't believe they are from Primark.

Oh what lovely weather we've been having in England lately! I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather this week! I really hope it stays this nice as I'm visiting my cousin and one of my best friends at the weekend. We're planning to go out on Saturday night and I really hope its warm then as I don't want to have to wear a ton of layers and then have to strip off and carry them around with me when I'm at the venue. Fingers crossed!



Garfield Jumper

shirt, primark
jumper, h&m
trousers, miss selfridge
pumps, urban outfitters

Garfield jumper! I was feeling like wearing something bright and sunny today! I've worn this shirt non stop since I've brought it and it goes nicely with my new neon mustard trousers that surprisingly go well with a lot of things in my wardrobe.

I hope everyone enjoyed my shoe video! There is a bag one to follow that I'll post soon.



Shoes Video

Shoes Video

Here is a fun little video I made last year showing off my shoes. I did post it on my blog when I first made it but after changing my blog soon after to make it more illustration based for my degree I deleted it. A lot of you weren't followers of my blog then anyway so this should be new to you!

Apologies for my lack of updating last week. I had some bad news which really upset me so I haven't felt like doing any outfit posts. Hopefully I should be back into the swing of things soon.



Denim Jacket

sunglasses, primark
jacket, thrifted
shirt, new look
bag, river island
jeans, topshop
wedges, new look
I love wearing graphic socks with these wedges! These socks have a charming cherries print.

How fab is my jacket? I brought it for 50p from the local charity shop! I couldn't resist! Obviously its for kids but I love its slightly cropped, wrist grazing length.

I trust you have all been enjoying the sunshine! I am so happy I've had a chance to get the sunnies out already this year!



Wedge Heels

shirt, thrifted
necklace, river island
belt, thrifted
trousers, primark
wedges, new look

I'm such a cheat, I love this outfit but I refuse to wear wedges outside the comfort of my house. On pop the black pumps! This shirt is now in the process of becoming sleeveless! Its actually really thin and sheer but I wore it under a long sleeved black t-shirt today to keep me extra warm.

I really love printed trousers at the moment. These were dirt cheap and I can't wait to wear them in the summer over a bikini or with a cute cropped tee. What are you looking forwards to wearing this summer? Oh why am I doing this to myself? Summer is far far away!



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Corduroy Shorts

jumper, miss selfridge
belt, new look
shorts, thrifted
bag, thrifted
tights, marks & spencer
shoes, thrifted

So I'm finally back from Vienna! Sorry about the delay in posting folks but I was out of the country viewing beautiful Austrian palaces and art museums. I even got a chance to pop around the zoo and even saw a baby panda!!! I've posted a few pictures of the breath taking buildings we visited below.

I wore this outfit out for afternoon tea with one of my friends today. I'm going though a bit of a phase of wearing these shorts. I wore them under three pairs of woolly tights whilst I was in Austria as it was freezing!