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Sarah Loves: April 2011


Blogger of the Moment
Laura of On The Racks

Laura 23 USA

location San Francisco, CA.
inspired by My style icons include Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, and Edie Sedgwick.
signature look Eclectic - I like to combine different styles and mix and match!
current favorite wardrobe item
Probably my Alexander Wang Diego bag or my dad's vintage Grateful Dead tee.
random fact I am addicted to dried mangoes, sugar-free Werther's candy, and shoes!

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Summer Knitwear

jumper, thrifted
shorts, thrifted
bag, river island
socks, primark
shoes, thrifted

Oh what an eventful week I've had! My camera has now died due getting sand in it so I'll have to buy a new one soon, something I can't really afford to do right now. Its been freakishly sunny for ages but all of a suddenly its cooled down (hence the knit wear!). I've had a chance to see a lot of friends this past week, going out for lunch, having BBQs and playing badminton which has been really lovely.

I have had a little shuffle around with my layout and you may notice a few new things like the buttons down the right hand side. I thought I needed to add a little more of my art work to the blog.

I have recently have had a few commissions to create blog graphics for other independent fashion blogs. Since I could really do with the extra money right now (for buying a new camera!) and I have some free time on my hands I thought I should add a little page offering my services and listing my current rates. I hope you'll agree they are really cheap and ideal for those of you out there getting into blogging or already fully established looking for a revamp or little finishing touches. The look and feel of a blog often reflects on the amount of readers they have just as much as the content so hopefully this little service should help some of you struggling with the design elements.

You can view my graphic design and illustration rates for blogs here.



Blogger of the Moment
Ashley of Wise Rabbit Says

Ashley 18 UK

location South East England.
inspired by The 70's, London street style, Boho/rocker/hippie vibe.
signature look Comfortable and at the moment hippie, 70's.
current favorite wardrobe item That’s a hard one, I think it will have to be my new neutral leather jacket from Topshop.
random fact I had a blood clot in my brain 2 years ago and almost died, but I’m all better now. :)

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Zebra Blouse

blouse, h! by henry holland at debenhams
belt, thrifted
shorts, thrifted
socks, miss selfridge
wedges, peacocks

This blouse couldn't be more me! Peter pan collar? check. Sheer blouse? check. Bright sunny colour? check. Animal Print? check. Equestrian? check!

It was my birthday yesterday. I had a brilliant day and a fantastic fun filled birthday party! It was such beautiful weather so my cousins and friends went to the beach. We played rounders and had a massive picnic with lots of baked goodies to scoff after. I need to do a little show off post of my birthday presents!

My wardrobe and cupboards are at bursting point and I'm tempted to go though it all and flog some stuff on ebay. Thing is I'm always a little anxious to put my stuff up on ebay as: a. I'm afraid I'd get addicted and end up with nothing and b. I don't think anyone really will want any of my stuff :S So I'm wondering what are your experiences with ebay? Have you actually made much money from selling your old unwanted clothes and accessories? Or has it not overall been worth it?



Floral Blouse

hat, marks & spencer
shirt, new look
belt, new look
head band (worn as bracelet), dorothy perkins
rings, topshop and bhs
shorts, thrifted
bag, thrifted
boots, h&m

I thought this outfit would look a bit too "pretty pretty" without these funky fringed booties I inherited from my sister. She brought them too small for her and couldn't return them. They are a bit too big for me if I'm honest as they are a size 4 and I'm a size 3 but if I wear them with ultra thick socks I think I can get away with it!

Sorry about the delay with blogger of the moment. I have been busy busy busy and finding an opportunity to illustrate has been impossible. Its a shame as I really enjoy doing the feature and from the looks of things you enjoy seeing them! I already have a few bloggers lined up so I'll try my very best to keep the features regular from now on.



Blogger of the Moment
Breanne of Flattery

Breanne 19 Canada

location Winnipeg, Canada.
inspired by The 50's and other bloggers.
signature look Anything bows.
current favorite wardrobe item
Satchel from Forever 21.
random fact I love cats & I'm addicted to coca cola.

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Pink and Blue Floral Shorts

shirt, thrifted
necklace, thrifted
shorts, new look
pumps, urban outfitters

Floral shorts are a spring wardrobe favourite of mine! My necklace has a little eagle on it, it is so cute I had to buy it a few weeks ago when I went around the charity shops! I have a little addiction to jewellery with animals on it if you hadn't already known.

I know I've not done a little Blogger of the Moment feature in a while... sorry about that I've been really busy lately! I promise I'll try and buckle down and do one soon, hopefully next week?! No promises though!



Floral Lace

top, thrifted
dress, cult
belt, thrifted
socks, new look
brogues, topshop

I love mixing florals with lace, they go so well together. The photos are a little awful I only had about 2 minutes to take them as I've been busy this weekend with this and that. I'm in love with this dress, its so dainty and has the most loveliest pattern of yellow and red roses - I also got it for quite a bargain at cult's outlet store in Bath last weekend. I've worn it non stop this week!