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Sarah Loves: May 2011


Horse T-Shirt

t-shirt, urban outfitters
cardigan, thrifted
bag, thrifted
boots, office

This is my all time favourite t-shirt! I brought it a while back when my sister and I went on our annual trip to Bluewater. I might add I'm not not wearing nothing underneath it! I have some cropped brown leggings on underneath. These are also my favourite pixie boots. I use to have some gold ones but they got really rough looking and started falling apart... Its always sad when that happens to a well loved pair of shoes. It always happens to me as when I buy a new pair of shoes I wear them until I'm either sick of them or I buy a new favourite.

I have been super busy these last few weeks and months even! This weekend is the first one in months I've not got anything planned for so I'm going to pop around a few artists houses this weekend as there is an open house art festival in my village. I also want to find out more about it so I can perhaps display my work in it next year. I'm also going to pop around the local charity shops, its been a while since I've brought anything thrifted and I miss the little buzz I get when I find something!

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!




Just wanted to show off this little alphabet I drew for a fashion blog recently. I know I haven't done an outfit post in a while but I've had absolutely no opportunity to prance around my garden taking photos. I will do soon, promise! But for now I'm still open for commissions and I'm now for personal portraits! So if you want to give that special someone an illustration of themselves, or would like a portrait of yourself, friends or family members then just send an email this way. Prices are viewable here.



Blogger of the Moment
Emma of Emma's Diary

Emma 17 France

location South of France.
inspired by Everything can be inspiring for me.
signature look I have no idea! haha.
current favorite wardrobe item Nude colour items.
random fact My favorite film is Pride and Prejudice, and I also really love the book by Jane Austen.

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Blogger of the Moment
Ivania of Love Aesthetics

Ivania 23 The Netherlands

location The Netherlands
inspired by Surprises. Could be a design never seen before, or an insane vintage piece or a renewing photograph.
signature look Basic, but not so basic. Always a bit odd I guess.
current favorite wardrobe item 1990's Leopard loafers by YSL.
random fact I love cats.

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Etsy Postcards

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These are a couple of postcard packs I have for sale at my etsy store I put up this evening!



Blogger of the Moment
Keiko of Keiko Lynn

Keiko 26 USA

location Brooklyn, NY.
inspired by Old photographs, street sightings.
signature look Feminine, a little quirky.
current favorite wardrobe item Coach Tyler Moto Jacket - I wear it with everything.
random fact My mum's name is Barbie and my dad's name is Ken.

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Pink Floral Skirt

top, thrifted
belt, thrifted
skirt, new look
socks, primark
shoes, new look

I felt like wearing a fun and bright outfit to work!

Thanks for all the enthusiasm in my graphic design and illustration services! I've had quite a bit of interest and have been busy getting these completed as well as working full time. I'm not complaining at all, I love being busy and I'm flattered that so many people like my work! Don't forget you can view my rates here and pop over an email if you are interested in me creating art work for your blog!

I've been thinking about doing a blog give away... what do you think about them? I know a lot of my favourite blogs do them regularly and some don't do them at all. I have only ever entered two and that was back in December. I think for some blogs they are great but I really dislike it when I get a whole load of comments asking me to enter their giveaway... I would rather find their giveaways on my own.

I don't have much to say today apart from don't forget to view my ebay items which you can see here as they are ending this week and don't forget to check out and "like" my facebook fan page for my illustration work which you can do here.



Striped Shorts

jumper, thrifted
bag, thrifted
shorts, miss selfridge
socks, primark
heels, office

I got my hair cut yesterday but you can hardly tell I guess as I refused to let her cut more than half an inch off! I don't think my hairdresser was all that pleased with me as she kept on suggesting she took off a couple of inches but I was desperate not to! I did however get some more layers in it so its now got a lot more volume than it had!

Yesterday I had a lovely day out with my cousin Holly. We went for an all you can eat Chinese, walked along the beach, popped around a few shops and then saw 'Water for Elephants'. We both enjoyed the film and I'm glad I saw it. Rosie the elephant was amazing! It was very pretty and I love the whole 1930s traveling circus story line but I think its one of those films you only watch once. I much prefer Robert Pattinson in it than in Twilight (I am not a fan!) he looks much nicer with a tan!

Talking of tans my legs could do with some. In fact the whole of me could do with a nice natural looking fake tan! What fake tan do you use? If anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them!



Blogger of the Moment
Becky-May of The Flower Girl

Becky-May 17 UK

location Bath, England.
inspired by The 60's, interesting people, menswear.
signature look Flared jeans with a basic tee or a crochet mini dress.
current favorite wardrobe item
My basket will always be my signature and favourite piece, I refuse to carry a handbag now.
random fact I speak fluent French and Spanish!

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Ebay Listings #1

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I finally did it! I managed to upload a couple of things onto ebay this evening so I can *hopefully* make some money to spend on all the fun things I want to do this summer. I also need to buy some more clothes haha. I have a ton more stuff to post up on ebay but I haven't the time to do it all this evening. So yeah, expect more!

Has anyone been watching this show on the bbc called "Next big thing" or something which is about people presenting their products and designs to Liberties, Habitat and Boots?! It is shocking how little artists and designers earn from selling their works to big chain stores! Habitat was the worst culprit, one artist was getting 30p royalties for each £30 vase they sold, all in all she was only going to make about £900 out of the whole entire deal. For all that work! I'm not very keen on Habitat nowadays anyway as I had an interview there not so long ago and I had no idea it was so commission based and money orientated. I know that's business but I'm rubbish under that kind of pressure and the people there weren't the friendliest!

I have a little surprise arriving in the post any time soon... I shall share it with you as soon as it gets here! I'm so excited about it!