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Sarah Loves: June 2011


Shivani Chavda
Graduate Fashion Week 2011

I created this illustration of one of Shivani Chavda's designs for Amelia's Magazine. Shivani Chavda is a De Montfort Graduate. I am in love with these reptile print designs and the wide legged floaty trousers! These designs are so tropical, I could easily wear them if I went on a holiday somewhere exotic and hot. If you look at her designs I've included below the last two bottom right outfits are my favourite.

Make sure you check out the article here that my illustration is featured in.

Shivani Chavda's designs from Graduate Fashion Week
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Dominique Kral
Graduate Fashion Week 2011

Another illustration I recently made for Amelia's Magazine. This is an illustration of one of Dominique Kral's designs from Graduate Fashion Week. Dominique Kral is a graduate from Northbrook College and won the Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award. I really do love the prints which makes me think of reptiles and dinosaur skin. I also like that the prints have been paired up with knitwear.

Make sure you check out the article here that my illustration is featured in.

Dominique Kral's designs from Graduate Fashion Week
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Floral Jeans

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Long time no outfit post. Sorry about that folks, just been real busy. I love these jeans, I worn them to work on casual Friday and my sister says they are really 'loud'. Haha I think they brighten up an office environment myself!

At the moment I'm currently in the middle of moving. This weekend I've been going to a few viewings and been real busy trying to find a new place to live, exciting stuff! I'm trying to get somewhere closer to the sea and with some new lovely people as its so much better having house mates rather then being just a lodger.



Phillip Schueller
Graduate Fashion Week 2011

This is just something I knocked up over the weekend for Amelia's Magazine. Its an illustration of one of Philipp Schueller's designs from Graduate Fashion Week. This drawing was done on A1 card and used up about 6 lipsticks, three eye shadows and 5 mascaras! Its huge! I forgot how much I love drawing in large scale but its such a pest to transfer onto the computer as I can't just scan it in. I really want to frame this and have it up on my wall as I really love the bold colours and also it just feels very 'fashiony'. Philipp Schueller's designs are pretty awesome too, you can see the whole vibrant collection below.

Make sure you check out the article here that my illustration is featured in.

Philipp Schueller's designs from Graduate Fashion Week
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Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray Review

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray
Nail polish, Molly by Bloom

I had completely forgotten about this gem of a product until this morning. I had washed my hair last night leaving it to dry naturally as I slept but when I woke up and brushed it it was a fluffy, puffy mop! I don't have time in the morning to faff around with my hair (hence why I washed it the night before) so after a mini panic about the lack of time I remembered this spray in the back of my beauty draw. This spray really does work miracles making my hair bouncy with relaxed beach babe worthy waves. In fact I get a better result from this spray than when I get my hair blow dried curly at the hairdressers (and so much less painful!). You can also use this spray on wet hair. It leaves my hair soft and textured, isn't heavy or crispy and it smells divine too! In fact all of Lee Stafford's products do.

If you have layers in your hair and want to get a relaxed summer look this summer I strongly recommend this product. I'm pretty certain I'll be using this religiously from now on!

I might add these pictures were taken after I got home from work so after ten hours since I put the spray in.



Top Knot

Whenever I start growing my hair I tend to go through phases of wanting to just cut it all off or get a drastic new hair cut. I continually get bored with my hair and frustrated with its awkward length especially whilst I'm trying to grow out my fringe! A great way to liven up hair is to try new up dos. Here are some photos of a simple top knot I wore in my hair the other day for work. Its a bit scruffy and loose at the back but these were taken at the end of the day! I promise it did look a lot tidier when I set off for work. I've never worn my hair in a top knot before so this was a strange and daring hair do for me! I thought at first I looked like a Dr. Seuss character but I started getting use to it after a while and felt over all it looked rather elegant.



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