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Sarah Loves: July 2011


Mint Top

top, topshop
shorts, topshop
rings, topshop
bag, thrifted
shoes, thrifted

This outfit is accidentally all Topshop with thrifted accessories! Its such a shame I didn't get a better photo of my hair, I had plaited in two french plaits either side. Maybe next time I'd do a blog post on that... we'll see.

I brought the most beautiful black wedges from Urban Outfitters yesterday! There was only one pair left and I had been eyeballing them on the website previously this week. Luckily they were in my size and in the sale - yay! No doubt you'll be seeing plenty of them in my future outfit posts! I wore them yesterday and they are so comfortable and have a mid heel so I could easily wear them to work. Also my gorgeous nude platforms from Topshop arrived earlier this week. I feel a bit naughty doing all this shoe shopping but my excuse is that I'm in the middle of getting rid of half of my shoe collection so I now have the space!

I have a new blog header! What do you think? I know everyone liked the last one but I wanted something more summery but still keeping the "look" of the last one. I do hope you like it!



Peachy Trousers

top, thrifted
bag, vintage
trousers, miss selfridge
jewellery, ollie & nic
wedges, peacocks

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all having a great weekend! I've crazy busy at the moment with a lot of illustration work (yay!) and I'm still in the process of moving... It takes forever! Just a simple work outfit today, nice and comfortable too as I hate sitting at the computer for hours in anything tight. Photos are a bit dodgy as I had to take them later on in the day, it was really rainy today so the clouds were really heavy. This outfit would look perfect with my new nude shoes I ordered from Topshop today - I can't wait for them to arrive!



Bat-Winged Vintage Top

top, vintage
bag, thrifted
shorts, miss selfridge
stockings, primark
wedges, new look

I brought these sheer polka dot stockings in early spring and have been a little wary about wearing them out! This is the first time I've actually worn them. The shorts were a bargain from the miss selfridge sale, I just really wish they'd let us wear shorts to work because they'd be perfect for the office! In the warm weather I just love having my legs out and it annoys me how you're allowed to wear short skirts but not shorts even tho a skirt is so much more revealing. Grrr I may be naughty and just wear them with black tights when it gets cooler.

I've been thinking very seriously lately about getting a little fox tattoo on the inside of my wrist. I normally dislike tattoos but there are some out there that are really pretty and perhaps its not that I've not liked tattoos in general before I've just not liked the ones I had seen. I'd love a little running fox in black really detailed and realistic looking just like this illustration but the full figure. It'll be really small and delicate. The more I think and talk about it the more I want it! Perhaps in a few months I'll have it although knowing me I'll change my mind... we shall see!



90s Fashion

rings, topshop
tee, river island
jeans, new look
wedges, new look

Such a simple look from the high street. Its so casual I know, but I love high waisted jeans and they are my go to clothing option when I can't be bothered with fashion haha. I'm also really attached to this cat tee shirt, its big enough to wear as a dress but I love the baggy tee, high waisted jeans look that reminds me so much of the early 90s!



Sheer Black Dress

dress, topshop (thrifted)
shoes, vintage

What an amazing dress! I can't believe I found this little gem in a charity shop down my road. It is an asymmetric length sheer dress with open sleeves! It also has a pretty floral pattern down the front on it. The only thing is I'm a little unsure what to wear under it... For these photos I wore a bandeau top with cycling shorts. I may get a little black slip for it, I think a nude slip may make people actually think I'm naked under it and I don't want that!