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Sarah Loves: March 2012


Brighton Pier

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Its been so lovely in Brighton lately! We've had such wonderful weather and I've been luck enough to have a couple of days off this past week to enjoy them in the sunshine. These photos were actually taken last Monday when my sister was down to celebrate her birthday.

I've been trying to set some time aside to do some experimental fashion drawing, hopefully will get some time set aside for it later this week.



80s Pink Jumper

jumper, thrifted
shorts, levi's
bracelets, miss selfridge
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I love high waisted shorts - they're so versatile! I wear them the whole year round and especially like just wearing them with bare legs and basic tops. Please excuse the different lighting as the sun was setting as these were taken.

I've not got much planned these next few days... I've been meaning to go for a run this evening but just not mustered the energy to get up and go! Plus I remembered I had mums left over sherry trifle in the fridge so had a quick go at that instead... whoopse! I will try and make a major effort to go running tomorrow though!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!



Spring Shorts

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shorts, topshop
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These photos were taken yesterday at Sheffield Park in East Sussex. We went there for a lovely Sunday stroll with my mum and nanna for mothers day. We were so lucky it was nice and sunny as its was horrible and rainy the previous day. Ironically we went up to London on the Saturday to see the musical "Singin' in the Rain". The costumes were very creative I loved the mix of bright and pastel coloured flapper dressed in one of the numbers. It was very good so if you're into that sort of thing I would certainly recommended it, just don't sit too close to the stage because you will get wet!

It is my sister's birthday tomorrow but we celebrated it today and yesterday. She got an awesome moomin thermal flask and teacup and teaspoon from me as she loves her tea and coffee! I can't believe she's 22!!! She is two years younger then me and my 24th birthday is only a month away now... I feel so old! Oh well, you're only as young as you feel I guess!

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!




These are some photos I took yesterday. The first are from an early morning run and the last two are from the beach in the afternoon when I decided to head down to the west pier to draw it. I've always wanted to draw the pier in my style of drawing and yesterday was the perfect opportunity as it was so warm, clear and lovely! Next I'll attempt the Pavilion I think!

My furniture for my new room is arriving today so that's pretty exciting! Really hoping the Ikea delivery people are going to be kind enough to deliver it to the fourth floor! Maybe I'll have to persuade them with tea and biscuits.

Hope everyone is having a lovely start to their weeks! x



Bleached Denim

top, river island
jeans, h&m
bracelets, forever 21
lookbook / chictopia

Here is my first outfit shot from my new flat! Its very pain and a bit boring but it was so warm and sunny when I shot these so the bleached out t-shirt with penguins on felt very fitting. Its nice to have a blank wall to take my outfit photos against but as Brighton is such a beautiful city I'm going to try and get some outfit posts taken out and about at some point. Problem is, although I can be very confident and sociable, I'm very shy when it comes to taking photos outside and posing etc and I get a bit funny asking friends to take photos of me (I feel so incredibly vain when I do!). Hopefully though I should get more confident about doing so!



New Horizons

Hey, long time no personal blog post! In case you didn't know these last few weeks I've been busy moving! I moved last week to a lovely little central flat in Brighton and this is the view from my bedroom window. I have a little balcony which I can see myself sitting on in the summer sipping cocktails, although its a bit diddy.

I've been terribly busy with work these past few weeks as we've been working towards the season change. All the stock is nice and summery now but the weather has recently got really cold again :( All this work business has meant my illustration work as been on the back burner. I am however planning to spend friday as an experimental drawing day! Exciting! I'll post up the results :)

I've had such an eventful week since I've moved! I've been going for runs along the seafront, attempted kayaking (that's an experience I won't forget for a while!), horse riding and I'm going to try trail running and climbing next week! So excited! I should keep on wanting to start "my week in photos" posts but I keep on forgetting to take photos! Gah!

Hope you're all well! Outfit posts to come ;)


New York Fashion Week
Fall 2012 #3

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1. ASOS £475.00 2. Urban Outfitters £65.00 3. Topshop £110.00
6. River Island £20.00 5. ASOS £195.00 4. ASOS £60.00
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Flatform: the comfort of a flat with all the height of a platform.

I don't own a pair of flatforms, but I'm looking for the right pair. Being not the tallest of people a little bit of height can do a lot.

What do you think of the flatform shoe? Is it a trend you'll be buying into?