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Sarah Loves: April 2012


Fox Necklace

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Wow I've had a seriously busy month! I've turned 24,  been doing plenty of horse riding, rock climbing, running and going out! I've been trying to take photos regularly to do a weekly photo diary but I'm just awful at taking a photos when I see/do something I want to remember. I'll try and make a real conscious effort to in the future!

Urrgggg the weather has been awful lately!!! I do enjoy having inside days when its all wet and nasty outside and I can curl up in the warm watching movies but I'm getting a little sick and tired of not being able to arrive to work dry and having the freedom to just get up and run around outside! Really hope the summer arrives sharpish! I want to start wearing my summer dresses asap!

What have you guys been up to during these horribly wet weeks?




I love freckles. I'm so glad its been sunny lately so that they've come out!

Today was my drawing day so I finally buckled down and did some work! I've got a couple of illustrations done but now its kicking the scanner back into action and getting them up! I also need to find some star stickers to complete one of them... gosh I sound like I'm at primary school! In fact I may have to ask one of my primary school teaching friends if I can steal some of their golden stars!

I made a Tumblr today! Check it out here:


Floral Shorts

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I love Spring! We have some of the warmest days of the year during it, there are more hours of daylight, all the flowers come out, the animals birds are all excitable and chirpy and its my birthday season :)

Tried wearing my hair up at work today! I hardly ever wear my hair up so it was all a bit new and scary for me as I wasn't wearing much make up either. I never know how to wear hair up so just went for a scruffy bun with plenty of flyaways.

I did manage to get some drawing done on Thursday! It was more landscape/architecture studies so not blog worthy I'm afraid! Tomorrow is fashion drawing day so hopefully will get some that are bloggable. Motivation is very difficult at the moment, I blame the sun!