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Sarah Loves: August 2012


Nantes, France

I'm currently staying in Nantes, France. Its so pretty here and very easy to get around as they have an excellent tram system. The streets and buildings are so clean and tidy and there is a gorgeous piece of architecture down every corner. Its well worth a visit if ever you are around the area.

Unfortunately my laptop died on arrival and the apple official shops around here are either closed or their repair men are on holiday so I have been finding it very difficult to blog and work! Normally I wouldn't mind but we've come here for a working holiday and I need to do other stuff on the mac. I'm also getting very worried about how much its going to cost to repair when I get back...

Oh well! I'm going to try and make the most of staying in this city tomorrow before I go back home early Thursday.

Hope you're all having a good week! :)



Yurt Moments

my perfumes - organising the nail paints - union jack hanging in the north laines - walk in the woods
inside the yurt - view of the meadow - steak and prawn feast - the beautiful yurt we stayed in
cheeky eclair - battle abbey - outfit of the day - down the camera lens
Bodiam Castle - getting excited on the plane - flying to France - goodbye England!

all photos taken with instagram

This week was manic! I and tidied and organized my bedroom, had an interview for a new internship (which I got!) went glamping in a yurt in kent and then flew off to France!

The yurt we stayed in in Kent was absolutely beautiful. The inside was so delicately decorated with fairy lights and hand painted beams holding the ceiling up. The door was so cute too, we really felt like we were living in a yurt made for hobbits as the door was half sized. The people who owned the yurt cooked us a fantastic four course meal of steak, ratatouille and prawns with a large slap of cheese cake for afters. We were so full!

Hope you have all had a lovely week! x



Lace Playsuit

playsuit, primark
belt, primark
sandals, thrifted
unicorn ring, miss selfridge
pink ring, topshop
bracelets, forever 21
lookbook / chictopia

I've been lucky enough to stay in the countryside around Battle down by Hastings recently. Nearby is one of my favourite castles - Bodiam Castle. Its so pretty and inside you get such a feel for what it would have looked like all those years ago.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)



Blogger of the Moment
Christina of Profresh Style

Christina USA

location New York City, NY.
inspired by What's outside - from people on the street, to colours in the grocery store.
signature look I'm a chameleon, it's ever-changing.
current favorite wardrobe item My denim vest, literally wear it with everything.
random fact I'm a Beliber.

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Pink Blazer

blazer, primark
necklace, cow
top, topshop
belt, thrifted
shorts, topshop
pastel bracelets, miss selfridge
spike bracelet, new look
turquoise bracelet, forever 21
ring, new look
jelly shoes, thrifted
lookbook / chictopia

I attended the Brighton Bloggers Meetup on Saturday and these are some photos of the outfit I wore for it. I'll hopefully be able to get some photos up from the event - just got some scrounge some photos off of the others as I didn't manage to take any.



Summery Moments

on the way to the closing ceremony - approaching the stadium - outside the stadium - sun setting
my boyfriend the photographer - inside the stadium for the closing ceremony - celebrating the success of GB - extinguishing of the flame
new cat friend - elle collections lunchtime reading - interesting clouds - jelly shoes
studded collar - shopping - blue nails - cocktails at the Grand Hotel
elderflower fizz at GBK - enjoying a refreshing drink - airplane writing - Brighton pier
enjoying the sunshine with my boyfriend - my presents from the Brighton bloggers meet - bird cloud - yummy mango and passion fruit fruit boost

all photos taken with instagram

This week I went to the closing ceremony on Sunday. It was amazing!! I will probably never be lucky enough go to anything like that again and it was certainly an experience of a lifetime. We didn't get home until 3am that evening so I spent the next few days working and recovering from the lack of sleep and all the excitement.

I went thrift shopping on Friday and found some clear buckled jelly shoes! I have been looking for a pair for absolutely ages and could not believe my luck when I saw this pair in my size in a bargain bin outside a charity shop.

On Saturday I attended the Brighton bloggers meet. It was so lovely to meet some local bloggers, I had a really good time and its really given me the confidence to attend similar events in the future. Hopefully I will do a better blog post on the event over the next few days.

Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine! :) x



White Denim

top, urban outfitters
necklace, cow
bracelets, forever 21
shorts, new look
bag, thrifted
lookbook / chictopia

I was lucky enough to go to the closing ceremony the other night and these are the photos of what I wore there. If you follow me on twitter or instagram you may have noticed me going photo crazy at the stadium as there was just so much colour and it was extremely vibrant. The atmosphere of the whole evening was amazing and I can honestly say I am completely shattered now!

What did you think of the closing ceremony? Did you attend any of the events?



Olympic Moments

Road trip to family meal in Bath - me and my sister in the car - cupcakes! - fresh strawberries
one of my cousins managed to have 12 cupcakes - lace - my sister and I at my nannas - train journey to the olympics
the olypmics! saw the athletics - so many people - amazing lighting in the stairwell at the stadium - the stadium light up
thrifting in east london - duck salad for tea - healthy couscous lunch - crystal skull
cat friend I met in the street - foggy Brighton - Kensington Place, Brighton - Yummy mini doughnut
m&s couscous salad - straggly hair - sunset on Brighton beach - Brighton pier at night

all photos taken with instagram

So this is what I've been up to this week. I went to Bath for a family get together as it was recently my Auntie's 50th (although she would hate me saying that)!  I was lucky enough to go to the Olympics on Monday to see the Athletics at the Olympic Stadium. I saw the Men's 400m hurdles final, Women's 3000m steeplechase final, Men's 400m final, Women's Shot Put final and the Women's Pole Vault final. On the Tuesday my boyfriend and I went into London to see the Women in Black at the Fortune Theater. The rest of my week was filled up with drinks on Brighton beach and scoffing yummy food, oh and making friends with cats in the street.

Hope you've all had a lovely week too :) x



Patterned Body

jacket, bhs
body, asos
culottes, topshop
clutch, miss selfridge
turquoise bracelets, forever 21
pastel bracelets, miss selfridge
wolf ring, urban outfitters
feather ring, topshop
long ring, miss selfridge
wedges, urban outfitters
lookbook / chictopia

I have been waiting for the perfect excuse to show off my landscape body by asos and today felt like the perfect opportunity! It's seemed so nice, hazy and warm today unlike the weather we've been getting lately (rain, grey skies, wind, more rain).

Hope the weather has been nice where you are! x



Models Own Pro Lavender Blue & Juicy Jules Review

the look sparkly nails
product used Models Own Pro in Lavender Blue and Models Own in Juicy Jules
best for making an impact with your nails
worst for getting off with nail varnish remover
the verdict This is a great and simple way to add a glamorous look to your nails. All you have to do is apply two coats of the base coat (I used a subtle pastel greyish lilac) and add on top a layer of sparkly nail varnish. It lasts a fair amount of time too as the top coat is rock hard. The only downside to these kind of nails is I do feel a bit like a 9 year old which is a bit fun usually but can come across very unprofessional so is perhaps best left out of the workplace. They do also take forever to come off... I was rubbing them with cotton wool pads and nail varnish remover for ages before I finally got it all off. Overall I think they're a fun touch to any outfit and would definitely wear sparkly nails again.



Blogger of the Moment
Carrie of Wish Wish Wish

Carrie 21 UK

location London, England.
inspired by 60s, girly girls, puppies and loud music.
signature look A short dress, some shiny shoes and a weather-appropriate coat, topped off with a Mulberry bag.
current favorite wardrobe item A Vivetta dress that makes me look like a clown!
random fact I can lick my elbow..does that count!?

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