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2012 in Outfits

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Sarah Loves Blog 2012 summer outfits
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My 2012 in Outfits

Here is a collection of my outfit photos I've posted on Sarah Loves this year. This year has really been about having fun with my blog and experimenting with posts and photography. This year I went from using a point and shoot camera to a DSLR. I've gone from taking my own photos on a tripod in my garden to having friends take them whilst we've been out to having my boyfriend kindly take them for me whilst we've been travelling and exploring.

Going through these photos brings back a lot of good memories. My favourites include all four of my photos from Iceland (the most recent ones), my leather shorts post, my castle shoot outside Bodium castle and the photos I took in the Olympic stadium grounds before we went to go see the closing ceremony.

Blog New Years Resolutions

- Post 3 times a week
- Find a style of taking my photos and stick to it
- Try doing a vlog (video blog)

Do you have any New Years Resolutions yourself or for your blog?



5 Items Under £5

January Sales 5 items for £5 online shopping
1. Miss Selfridge, £6.50 £3.25 2. Bhs, £4.50 £2.25 3. Dorothy Perkins, £8.50 £4.25
4. Boohoo, £8 £4
5. New Look, £7.99 £4.00
Click on the brand names to view the products.

Fancy treating yourself before the new year but have limited funds? I have scrounged the web for the best online sales and have found these 5 items for under £5. Sometimes you don't need to break the bank to feel good, just having a new bracelet or ring can put a smile on your face.

How are you enjoying the January sales? Picked up any bargains yet?



Granddad Knit

thrifted cream woolly scarf, urban outfitters renewal grey thick granddad cardigan, peacocks mittens, topshop silk shorts, Iceland fashion
WIWT: thrifted cream woolly scarf, urban outfitters renewal grey thick granddad cardigan, peacocks mittens, topshop silk shorts, Iceland fashion
What I wore today: thrifted cream woolly scarf, urban outfitters renewal grey thick granddad cardigan, peacocks mittens, topshop silk shorts, Iceland fashion
fashion blogger thrifted cream woolly scarf, urban outfitters renewal grey thick granddad cardigan, peacocks mittens, topshop silk shorts, Iceland fashion
wrapping up warm in winter thrifted cream woolly scarf, urban outfitters renewal grey thick granddad cardigan, peacocks mittens, topshop silk shorts, Iceland fashion
scarf, thrifted
cardigan, urban outfitters
mittens, peacocks
shorts, topshop
tights, marks & spencer

Hope you have all had a magical Christmas! These photos were taken in Iceland. It really was a winter wonderland and it would have been a dream to spend Christmas there. Often, when we were driving on the roads it felt like we were in the Antarctic. The scenery was so very beautiful and the snow was so fine, almost like icing sugar. It was a fun challenge to keep wrapped up warm as I do love over-sized knits and wrapping myself up in blankets.

Wishing you all a wonderful run up to the New Year!



Christmas Jumpers

1. Ted Baker £99.00 2. Missguided £19.99 3. French Connection £89.00
4. Urban Outfitters £42.00
5. Love Clothing £35.00 6. Boohoo £18.00
Click on the brand names to view the products.

There really is nothing better than a Christmas jumper at this time of year. It keeps you cosy as well as festive whilst paying a welcome homage to retro and traditional family Christmases. There is a Christmas jumper for everyone, whether you go full out with the Christmas theme with Santa, reindeer and penguins, or more toned down with subtle snowflakes in-amongst a fairisle pattern.

Below are some bloggers who know how style a Christmas Jumper.

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10



Leopard Headband

headband, urban outfitters
dress, topshop
coat, thrifted
tights, marks and spencer

These photos were taken whilst I was in Iceland a couple of weeks ago. Iceland truly is beautiful, if you ever get the chance to go, go! It was incredibly cold (as you may well have guessed from all the snow) so this warm headband was well used to keep my ears nicely wrapped up and covered from the harsh temperatures.

Hope you are all having a lovely lead up to Christmas :)



Quiz Party Season Picks

1. Cream And Silver Knitted Sequin Top £22.99 2. Beige Faux Fur Head Band £7.99
3. Gold and Pearl Bead Spike Bracelet £5.99
4. Gold Sequins Hot Pants £19.99
5. Black Micro Fibre Low Heel Stud Back Boots £90.00

Click on the product names to view the products.

This is my pick of what I would wear for a Christmas party from Quiz's clothing collection they have online. Quiz also have a range of pretty dresses but I decided to go for something more relaxed and casual, plus I'm much more of a shorts girl. During the party season around Christmas most of the parties and events I go to are laid back so I thought I'd pick the gold sequin shorts as my a statement piece and pair them up with more tone downed accessories. I think this outfit would look great with a faux fur coat thrown on over the top and some thick black tights to keep warm.

What do you think? What do you normally wear to festive parties?

This is a sponsored post.

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Fur Gilet

turban, asos
fur gilet, thrifted
playsuit, miss selfridge
tights, marks and spencer

I absolutely love this playsuit, its such a great colour all year round and it is so easy to layer up over leggings and a tee with jumpers, cardigans or as I've styled it here, with a gilet over the top.



Xmas Wishlist 2012

1. Miss Selfridge £6.00 2. Miss Selfridge £6.25 3. Miss Selfridge £6.25
4. Urban Outfitters £55.00 5. Miss Selfridge £4.25 6. Miss Selfridge £14.00 7. Topshop £14.00
8. Urban Outfitters £18.00 9. Urban Outfitters £18.00 10. Urban Outfitters £18.00
Click on the brand names to view the products.

So this is part of my Christmas wish list! I usually have to make a wish list every year to give to the people I exchange Christmas presents with as to give them an idea of the kind of things I'd like. Its more of a guide as these are just bits and bobs I've seen I really like. It just lets them know that something on long these lines would be greatly appreciated! Its not that extensive as family members I give my wish list to often shop in the shops in central Brighton and don't tend to do online shopping, that's why I've just kept it to a couple of shops they know. I always receive one from my sister and mum too so that they get what they really want for Christmas. Its still a surprise too as the bigger list you give the less likely you are to know what they'll get you!

Do you do this sort of thing with your friends and family? How do you know what they want for Christmas?



Fur Coat

coat, thrifted
leggings, new look
lookbook / chictopia

Iceland is absolutely beautiful. I feel completely at one with nature there and home. I'm looking forwards to returning one day.

I'm wearing so many layers underneath this coat but it was far too cold to show you them all. I think the coat is a bit of a statement piece as it is and so warm that I never took it off the entire trip!

Have you found your perfect coat for winter yet?



Moments in Iceland

flying - in the hot springs - the Blue Lagoon
beautiful landscapes - view from my window - in Reykjavik
Icelandic horses - wrapping up warm in the snow

all photos taken with instagram

I've been in Iceland this week making the most of the beautiful scenery. I got to go to the Blue Lagoon spa Thursday evening after my flight, it was truly amazing and so relaxing in the pitch black darkness. On Friday we drove across to the countryside and got to see lots of Icelandic horses on the way, the weather was more and more snowy and icy the further we went inland. Yesterday I went sight seeing to see the Geysir and a very impressive waterfall! I've never seen such sights so beautiful. Today is full of more sight seeing and then the flight home. Our sight seeing is less touristy and is more like driving around in the car stopping every now again to take photos, I find it much more fun than an organised tour.

What do you think of Iceland? Have you ever been?

Hope you've all enjoyed a lovely week and its not too cold where you are. :)



Icelandic Fashion

Image source: Reykjavik Fashion Festival

I'm going to Iceland tomorrow so I thought it was appropriate to show you some beautiful images of  Icelandic fashion from Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2012. I'm actually going to Reykjavik after visiting the Blue Lagoon and I can't wait! I'm so excited to check out all of the surreal Icelandic scenery and to snoop around the city. My fingers are well and truly crossed for seeing the Northern Lights!



Since starting my blog many of my favorite fashion bloggers who inspired me to start blogging have turned pro. It has made me think about the future of my own blog and where I want it to be in a years time. I have had times when my blog took a back seat. There was one moment when I was working a full time office job, a weekend store job and interning in the evenings. I had little time for a social life let alone time to blog, but somehow, I've made it though without a hiatus.

I know some bloggers have said blogging hasn't changed much over the last few years but I would have to disagree. Since I started blogging I've seen a dramatic change in how bloggers are viewed in the media, how they have worked with brands and how social media has adapted to this idea of everyone having the opportunity and potential to be a blogger.

So what am I doing new to celebrate Sarah Loves turning 2?

Sarah Loves Facebook Page. I know what you're all thinking: I already have a Facebook page! Well yes, my illustration work did but I've now decided I think my blog to benefit from one too. Please feel free to check it out here.

Banner Advertising. Some blogs work really well with a bit of advertising and quite honestly I don't think it distracts that much from the content of a blog, so long as its done right of course. Today I decided to set up banner advertising on my blog to start in January 2013. I hope you aren't put off by the ads, I promise to only advertise brands I would shop with and blogs I actually follow (or have just discovered and am now going to follow). You can find out about advertising on Sarah Loves here.

Up and coming blog to follow links. The one thing I love about blogging is anyone can do it so long as they have the drive and the passion. I really do believe there should be more encouragement out there for first time bloggers from the more established. Not so long ago I came along a blog who featured a blogger every so often who had under 100 followers. I've been inspired by this and so from now on at the end of my "Sarah Loves Moments" posts I'm going to add a new blogger to follow suggestion and a link to their blog.

Now here comes the oh-so-bashful Oscar speech: I would like to thank my wonderful readers who have kept my blog alive by commenting such lovely things, letting me know what posts you have enjoyed, by following on all the different social platforms and most importantly thank you for giving me the encouragement to continue blogging.



Cocktail Dress

dress, daniella christina*
top, new look
tights, marks and spencer
shoes, new look

It was frightfully cold today on the roof tops of Brighton so forgive me for my rather frozen and windswept expressions.

This dress was kindly given to me by Danielle of Daniella Christina from her Make & Believe collection. Danielle is a Brighton fashion designer who is inspired by vintage design and comes up with these beautiful cocktail hour, work safe dresses. I could have perhaps laden by arms full of bracelets and jewellery but I thought the print of this dress deserved to be centre of attention so I've kept the rest basic.