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Fun Yet Practical Festival Outfit Idea

1. Boohoo, £6.00 2. Warehouse, £50.00
3. Miss Selfridge, £42.00 4. Forever 21, £7.18 5. Equestrian Clearance, £118.99
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I don't know about you, but I'm really excited about the upcoming festival season! Its about to kick off and everywhere is selling beautiful festival themed and hippie-esque items. Thing is though, some of them aren't all that practical for a long day in a (probably) muddy field. Here is an outfit wish list I put together for the up and coming season, and something along the lines I myself will be wearing.

So the whole outfit may not be *that* practical, but it sure as well is wearable at a festival! The rain mac is perhaps the most stylish one out there for festival goers right now, but I would be sceptical about its waterproof level. It would look lovely over the top of a ditsy floral dress, but this tribal print playsuit is more my style. I have to say, if I'm going to be wandering around a muddy field all day, I'll feel a lot more comfortable in shorts than a skirt. You may notice that the boots are actually riding boots. I always wear my riding boots when going to events in fields such as bonfire nights as they're waterproof and warm. This pair look really comfortable for standing around and walking - something you do a lot at a festival. Even though this pair are a little pricey, its better to spurge more on boots that are going to keep you going for longer than being covered in blisters and losing your toe nails to cheap wellies (be warned - this does happen)!

What will you be wearing this festival season?

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Free People Jeans

Personal style fashion blog post in Swiss Mountain range on Sarah Loves Mountain views in Switzerland on Sarah Loves Mountains on Sarah Loves Free People floral jeans on Sarah Loves Running around in the mountain on Sarah Loves Fashion blog personal style on Sarah Loves Mountain outfit looks on Sarah Loves Long blonde hair on Sarah Loves Free People outfit on Sarah Loves H&M white woolly cable knit jumper on Sarah Loves Jewellery details on Sarah Loves Orelia stackable rings on Sarah Loves Urban Outfitters gold triangle initial necklace on Sarah Loves
I'm wearing free people floral printed jeans*, h&m jumper, urban outfitters initial necklace, new look gold and pink big ring, orelia stacked rings* and lilac star bracelet, white beaded bracelet, marks & spencer thick woolly socks and hi-tec walking shoes.

I just got back from a mountain retreat in Switzerland. Switzerland is absolutely beautiful. I'm such a sucker for beautiful scenery and mountains. Its so amazing to think that they've been made over hundreds and thousands of years. Nature really can be impressive!

I received this fantastic pair of floral printed cropped jeans the other day from Free People, and they are so very me! They were perfect for frolicking around on the hills in Switzerland. Knowing what our British summers can be like I'm sure they'll keep me summery but warm all summer long too.

You may have noticed last week I changed my blog layout. This new layout has been weeks (even months!) in the making, and is why I've been a bit slack at posting regularly this past month. I've only been able to work on it in my spare time, so will a full time job, weddings and other such events to attend progress has been slow. All the graphics, illustrations and layout had been made entirely by me and I feel as if my stamp has been firmly put on my blog. I've tried to create something fun and individual, I hope that has come across. :)

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Outfit Wish List for Switzerland

1. La Redoute, £19.00 2. Falke, £10.00 3. Debenhams, £39.00
4. New Look, £24.99 5. Toast, £39.00 6. YOOX, £112.00
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I'm off to Switzerland tomorrow! Super excited, we're going to go off the beaten track and go for walks by the lakes and in the mountains. I'm such an outdoors girl at heart, so I think I'll feel very much at home there.

This is my ideal outfit wish list for my trip! Dungarees are everywhere, and I'm in love with this acid wash pair (are dungarees considered a pair? You have a pair of shorts I guess...?). This outfit is chilled and relaxed, with practical shoes for those rocky mountain walks! I've picked out a dainty floral pair of socks to go with them too. Straw hats just look fabulous, especially in the country, so this hat will keep the sun off your bonce. Whats your favourite item?



SEVENTEEN Waterproof Mascara Review

17 at Boots Waterproof Black Mascara Review SEVENTEEN Waterproof Mascara Review
Waterproof Mascara, 17 at Boots

the product Waterproof Mascara
the look Waterproof lashes so you can look good on rainy days, when watching Bambi (always tears me up!) and in the pool.
works well on Any kind of lashes, but especially those prone to sweat, tears, and watering!
the verdict Often I find waterproof mascara can not always work that well, and I regularly leave the pool with fantastically smudged panda eyes. As I'm not always trusting of waterproof mascaras I tend not to spend all that much on them, which is why this mascara (at under a fiver) works super well and doesn't break the bank. I have tried and tested this in the sea, pools and water rides of Orlando, Florida and can honestly say this mascara does not smudge and holds well against the elements. With the summer holiday season coming up, if you're at the airport and just realised you've forgotten your fail safe waterproof, make sure you grab this one!

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