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Sarah Loves: July 2013


4 Cheaper Alternatives to a Barbour Wax Jacket

Wax Jacket
I love the rain, and lately I've been enjoying this welcomed rainy break from all the hot weather we've been having. The thing about rain though, is in order to enjoy it you need to be prepared for it.
With all this recent summer rain, drizzle and clouds I've been thinking about how I have always wanted a wax Barbour jacket. Priced around the £200 price mark they've never quite been in my price range, which is why I've come up with these 4 cheaper alternatives that are all under £100.
The One
Barbour Kelsall Parka Jacket, £248.99
Waterproof, stylish, warm, versatile. You name it this jacket has got it. Its a signature staple and reminds me of growing up in 90s. If its out of your price range (like it is for me right now) you might enjoy these more affordable alternatives below.
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The Preppy One
Jack Wills Alwyn Parka, £98.50
A more casual and preppier version of the Barbour jacket, this coat is a great length and is in a lovely camel colour that can be worn all year round. I think this parka would be a popular coat for all seasons.
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The Super Affordable One
F&F Waxed Jacket, £35.00
I have to admit, this cheaper alternative from F&F at Tesco is a pretty amazing deal. It has a hood, has nice shape to it, isn't too short and the colour is ideal for Fall. Overall the perfect coat for Autumn at a good price.
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The Lightweight One
Oasis Lightweight Parka, £69.99
Sometimes you just want a parka jacket you can wear all year round and that is small and lightweight enough to roll up and shove in your handbag. If you're looking for versatility, look no further.
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The Fashionable one
River Island Khaki 3 in 1 Parka Jacket, £100.00
This faux fur parka jacket is certainly for the more style conscious. Its a little too styled for me and not all that practical, but I'm sure this will be a popular coat in Autumn.
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Tai Hair & Beauty Review

before my haircut at Tai Hair & Beauty Hove

On Saturday I got the chance to get my hair cut at Tai Hair & Beauty, one of Hove's oldest and leading salons. I was excited about the opportunity as I very rarely visit the hairdressers, usually about 3 times a year as I don't dye my hair nor do I have a very complex cut so it requires very little maintenance. My hair does however get very dry at the ends and can quickly turn into a bush like mass of knots. Just look at it at the above picture, its crying out for a cut!

Tai Hair & Beauty in Hove

What I loved most about the salon was the natural theme it had throughout. The salon is decorated with lots of wood, plants and plant inspired wall motifs, including a moustache tree. It instantly made it feel more homelier and relaxing than most salons I've previously been to. I am a big fan of the au'naturel look with beauty and hair, so the organic interior made me feel that I was going to get the subtle look I was after.

Everyone was very welcoming and lovely, and very smartly dressed. Throughout my appointment I was admiring everyones hair as they all had very soft looking, bouncy locks in beautifully rich, natural colours. It made me feel very relaxed that they really honored the "natural" look.

Hair consultation with Emma from Tai Hair & Beauty in Hove

My hairdresser Emma was very enthusiastic and clearly knew a lot about hairdressing, as well as how to deal with my tangled mass of locks. Emma clearly knew the look I was after and really understood how to achieve a natural, wavy look without overloading my hair with products or getting out the straightening irons.

Having my intense deep conditioning treatment at Tai Hair & Beauty

Before I had my hair cut I had an intense treatment, which is a deep conditioning treatment that has to have heat applied to it in order for it to open up and set into the hair and scalp. I had never had one of those before so was unsure what to expect. The results left my hair noticeably softer and oddly I thought it made my hair look a little blonder too. It probably just helped the hair reflect better which is why I think it now looks a little blonder.

my hair cut results at Tai Hair & Beauty in Hove

I am so impressed with the results! Usually when I get my hair cut like this my hair looks exactly the same as when I entered the salon, but this time my hair feels so much noticeably thicker. Seriously, if you have long fine hair like me, want to grow it but the ends are feeling a little dry, definitely get them cut. Your hair may be only a little noticeably shorter but it will feel so much nicer and healthier than before.

My new healthier ends at Tai Hair & Beauty

Above you can see the end of my hair after the cut. They didn't require much styling to end up this way and have also had some sea salt spray. Oh, little tip! Did you know that the best way to apply sea salt spray is to spray on just a little from a distance onto dry hair and then blow dry it to set it in? I didn't but I know now thanks to Emma. Usually I just spray it on wet hair and it goes a bit crispy, not a good look!

The KMS California hair products used at Tai Hair & Beauty

Above you can see Emma used KMS California products used to achieve the natural, soft look. All of these products were used sparingly on my fine hair and smell really good too (don't all hairdressing products?).

I left with lovely, bouncy, silky feeling hair, that's never felt more healthier. Thanks so much to Emma and the team at Tai Hair & Beauty for my cut. They also do a great range of beauty treatments, from massages to manicures, so if you're over Hove way you should definitely pop in!



Sun Protection Beauty Shop

1. Mark Hill Protection Spray, £5.99 1. Revlon Skin Perfector, £9.99
1. Nivea After Sun Lotion, £3.24 1. Clinique SPF 35 Stick, £17.00
1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Make Up Foundation, £8.99
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If you have fair skin like me you would know there is absolutely nothing more important than protecting your skin from the sun. Unfortunately, due to busy a lifestyle it is very easy to forget to apply the factor 50+ before leaving the house each morning for work. Honestly, I'm the worst for this much to my poor skin's horror. That's why I use foundations, BB creams and hair care products that fit effortlessly into my morning routine and already have the sun protection in them I require.

Applying make up that already has SPF in it has to be one of the best things for fair skin in the summer. There is nothing worse than applying suncream and then having to wait for it to sink in before you can start applying your make up. Whats worse is if you don't have time to apply your foundation or tinted moisturiser and you end up having to leave the house with a greasy, shiny face. Not a good look! I use to try mixing my foundation with sunscreen which worked to a certain extent but never really achieved the "look" I was after as it was always more on the shiny side. I'm really love using PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector by Revlon in light as it has a very lightweight feel to it and really evens out my base. Anyway, enough about that, I'll be writing a review about it within the coming weeks.

What are your sun protection must haves?

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LARA Store Opening Event in Brighton

big pendant lamp shades at the LARA store milkshake mold candles at LARA Brighton bird cage lamp shades at LARA boutique, Brighton bird clips at LARA Brighton store bird cage lamp shades, accessories and more at LARA wool cushions, throws and candles at LARA boutique in the laines of Brighton LARA rock in a leather wallet at the store opening in Brighton colourful hangers at the Brighton store LARA wooden industrial coffee table at LARA Brighton store
LARA store opening event in Brighton

The other week I attended the store opening event for LARA, a homeware and accessories boutique in the heart of the laines in Brighton. Its a very pretty little store spread out onto two floors, packed full of lots of handpicked items from all over the globe. If you're local to Brighton and have a thing for interior design, you should check them out. If you're not local worry not, as they have a lovely website as well, which you can visit here.

My favourite items at LARA were the little birds which you could clip onto furniture and textiles, and would look fantastic on Christmas trees or even if in your hair if you wanted a very avant garde look. I also really liked the flowers displayed in the windows (in the first photo), they achieved this look my looping individual flower tags together to make a row, something I would definitely recreate at home.

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Topshop Highlighter in Sunbeam Review

Topshop Highlighter in Sunbeam review
Highlighter in Sunbeam, Topshop

the product Face and body highlighter powder
the look Dewy, magical and mystic look, or just a healthy glow
works well on A tanned matte base that needs a little lifting
the verdict It is soft and easy to apply, smoothly gliding on the skin which is great. I've used it while at Glastonbury on my cheek bones, brow bone and sometimes under the eyes. Its a lot more yellow than I thought it would have been (previously I've used more pearly, pinky highlighters) and I think it would look really good on a deep tan, but it does work fairly well on my fair, pale skin.

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Bandeau Bikinis

1. Dorothy Perkins Top/Bottom, £21.00 2. Topshop, £30.00 3. New Look Top/Bottom, £22.98
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Couldn't resist another bikini post. I'm not off anywhere hot this summer, or at least I've not planned to go anywhere yet, but if I were I'd pack these.

I much prefer bandeau bikinis over triangle styles as I find them a much flattering fit and more beach friendly, especially if I'm doing something active like playing rounders or just doing the usual frolicking around in the waves, I'm a big fan of swimming in the sea. I'm not much of a beach bum, more of a beach doer.

Hope you're all having a splashing summer!