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End of Summer Sale Accessories For Under £10

1. ASOS Straw Pork Pie Hat, £7.00
2. ASOS JILLY Espadrille Ankle Boots, £7.50
3. Just Acces Match Earrings, £6.50
4. ASOS Skinny Plait Waist Belt, £3.00
5. Just Acces Wool Earrings, £9.00
6. ASOS Aztec Snood, £6.00

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Well its official, summer is now officially over! (Boo!) But if you've got a last minute late summer holiday booked and are looking to still soak up the last of those summer rays somewhere in the Mediterranean in the coming months, then good news! There are still some bargains to be had in the summer sales. It just goes to show there is one advantage to summer ending.

My favourite things in the summer sales at the moment are silver jewellery (I'm so much more of a silver fan than gold) and this bright and beautiful pink scarf in an aztec print would compliment any transeasonal outfit. These earrings in particular just look great for adding a hint of geometric edge to an outfit. Unfortunately I can't wear earrings so they're not for me, but if I could wear them I certainly would wear these.

What have you got your eyes on from the sales?



Interview with Fawn & Rose

Interview with Jess, geometric jewellery designer at Fawn & Rose on Sarah Loves

If you are a huge fan of geometric shapes, block colours and delicate laser cut jewellery you will love Jewellery Designer Jess's work from Fawn & Rose. These perfectly geometric, clean cut pieces are beautifully hand crafted in Jess's workshop in the seaside town of Brighton and can be brought from the Fawn & Rose online shop, Etsy, ASOS Marketplace & Not on the Highstreet.

Where did the name Fawn & Rose come from?

I wish I had a more interesting answer for this, because it's something I get asked a lot! But the truth is that it was the first name I came up with, and despite going on to fill an entire notebook full of name ideas, I eventually settled back on this one. I've always really loved deer, and I probably thought I was being clever with the play on words too.

Fawn & Rose peach & blue geometric shaped necklace Laser cut wood pieces by Fawn & Rose

At what point did know you were going to design and sell your own jewellery?

I was searching for a new necklace after my favourite one broke, and I had a hard time finding one that was both my style, and in my price range. So I set about making one for myself. I really had no idea where to start, so I followed some very helpful DIY blog posts and YouTube clips and managed to cobble together my first piece of jewellery. I practiced a lot and began to feel more confident in my skills and what I was producing.

I had a boutique on ASOS marketplace where I sold vintage clothing and accessories, and I gradually started introducing a few of my own pieces here and there. Luckily they sold pretty well! So I eventually phased out the clothing so I could focus on making more bits and pieces. It was a very slow and steady process, and I'm glad for it.

Fawn & Rose mint long brass triangle necklace
Fawn & Rose blue bead silver cube bracelet

I love the fact you work with wood, clay and metal. What medium is your favourite and what other mediums would you like to incorporate into your work someday?

I really love working with wood, it's so versatile and easy to wear. At the moment I mainly work with timber plywood to keep costs down, but I'd love to branch out (sorry) and try some solid wood pieces.

I'm also very interested in mixing mediums, and I'm working on a new piece right now that incorporates wood and metal together which I'm pretty excited about finishing!

Fawn & Rose wood triangle ring in blue and gold

What is your design process from start to finish?

Well first of all I make a cup of tea, I can't get anything done without it. Then it usually starts with a sketch - sometimes if an idea is very clear in my mind I'll jump right in and start making it - but it usually begins in my sketchbook. Once I have the basic shape and pattern drawn up I'll move from paper to the computer, designing the shape in a graphics programme ready to be laser cut.

When all the pieces are cut I'll start thinking about the colour palette - this is my favourite part as I love putting together colour schemes - I'm particularly enamoured with pastels and metallics at the moment. After everything is painted and finished, I'll photograph and upload to my website followed by the various marketplaces (Etsy, ASOS, and soon to be Not on the High Street). Then I wait and hope that people like it!

Fawn & Rose silver raw quartz necklace Fawn & Rose jewellery making process

Do you ever create your pieces with anything particular in mind? Like where it will be worn, who will wear it, what activities will be done in it etc?

Oh definitely. I always try to think of different scenarios where a person might where a piece of my jewellery - can they dance in it without it catching? Can they wear it to work? Would this be a good festival accessory?

I try and produce a range of jewellery for different occasions, from the more statement pieces, such as my antler necklace, to simple everyday pieces like my single triangle necklace.

Fawn & Rose glitter bunting necklace

Being a jewellery business online amongst a sea of others on Etsy and Asos Marketplace must have its challenges. What do you do to ensure you stand out from the crowd?

I think consistent branding is vital. People need to be able to recognise you, but of course they need to be able to find you first - so developing a brand that reflects your product is really important.

I also try and make sure my photography is crisp and uncluttered - when people are shopping online you usually only have a few seconds to grab their attention and make sure they know what they're looking at.

Selling online is a very different beast from selling in a physical shop, bearing in mind customers can't touch or try on the jewellery before they buy, so I just try to make everything as visually appealing and informative as possible.

Keep up to date with Fawn & Rose on Twitter and Facebook!

All images are credited to Fawn & Rose.



Autumn Country Walk Outfit

1. F&F, £35.00 2. Red Herring, £29.99
3. Cross County Style, £105.00 4. Sparkz, £44.95
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Now it has started to become a little cooler and it is now officially autumn, I keep on getting a little over enthusiastic about layer up and keep warm and cosy. I am so pleased there is a lot of tartan in the shops for fall as I absolutely love it! I was a 90s kid and it really reminds me of Christmas parties and wearing tartan dresses with frilly white socks and patent pumps.

You might have noticed I have featured the F&F wax jacket that has appeared previously in my cheaper alternatives to a Barbour wax jacket post, which you can view here. I just can't help it, I can't believe how reasonably priced this jacket is! As soon as it is pay day I'll be all over the internet ordering this.

These Toggi boots by Cross County Style look like they would be perfect for a crisp autumn walk. They are waterproof and breathable, which is a great combination. When you have thick socks and long boots on when you are walking all day your feet can get pretty sweaty quickly and start to swell up, which can be very uncomfortable. Breathability can make a huge difference to how much you'll enjoy your walk, and makes your feet much more comfortable. Cross County Style have a range of really lovely horsey and country things from some fantastic brands, including my favourites Caldene, Barbour & Harry Hall. If you're into your horses as much as I am they're definitely worth a visit!

What do you normally wear for an autumn country walk?

Written in association with Cross Country Style. All opinions are my own.

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5 of the Best Cut Out Boots

Cut Out Boots
There is no denying what the number one trend in footwear this season is. Cut out boots have been popular all summer long (who can bare to wear boots in the summer anyway? Thank goodness they had cut outs so that the heat could escape) and there is no surprise they've made a come back for autumn.
These are my picks of the top cut out boots available online.

Double Buckle
Bank Brook Cut Out Boots, £35.00
These are the cheapest lot of the bunch, and have a nice chunky heel that looks like it gives a bit of height. They look like they'd be good to wear at gigs and to the pub, but they have some attitude to them I could never pull off.
Buy here >>

Smart Casual
Dune Leather Buckle Ankle Boots, £89.00
I featured these in a previous post (see it here) and they're just so lovely I just have to feature them again. They will fit in very nicely with the equestrian trend which is very hot right now!
Buy here >>

Chunky Sole
New Look Black Leather Cut Out Ankle Boots, £59.99
I love how chunky this pair is, especially because there will be no worries over wearing these until the sole wears thin. The tassels in my opinion really make this boot, and I really like the fact they're not that high too, hopefully that means they're easy to walk in.
Buy here >>

Strappy Happy
Topshop Heavy Multi Buckle Boots, £92.00
These multi strapped boots are at the extreme version of this trend. They're verging on sandals in my eyes. They look like they could toughen up any outfit and could look great worn with black socks for comfort.
Buy here >>

Office Black Leather Biker Boots, £85.00
These boots, like the Dune ones, look like they could fit in nicely with the equestrian trend too. They remind me a bit of my jodhpurs boots, only more fashionable. I think these would be great for everyday style.
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Interview with The Little Deer

Interview with Jade Golding, the Managing Director of the vintage online boutique, The Little Deer

I recently interviewed Jade Golding, the Managing Director of The Little Deer, aN online vintage and vintage inspired premier apparel boutique based in Brighton. The Little Deer is packed full of bright, colourful, youthful designs with an edgy vintage twist. The Little Deer strongly supports independent designers and stocks a list of beautiful designs by brands such as Hello Harriet, Wolf & Moon and Crown & Glory.

I always like to think of Brighton as booming with vintage fashion inspiration, quirky designers and out there style, and The Little Deer throws all of these factors together to produce a fun and modern, feminine brand.

On to the interview!

Where did the name "The Little Deer" come from?

Deers are beautiful creatures but very quiet and modest. We reflect this quiet and modest mood into our products - creating a place for ladies to shop who want to get something not too LOUD that they can welcome into their wardrobe and style to their own individual taste. We don't provide clothing that does the talking for you, instead we provide beautiful, individual pieces that a customer can say their own statement with, however they wish!

The Little Deer patch t-shirt and galaxy leggings

What inspired you to start up your own business?

It was actually my Dads idea to start up my own business. I have always worked for small independent boutiques (Urban Industry, InsideOut, Forty Five) and I was always telling my Dad all the ideas I had for these boutiques and the things I think they should do to make their shop better. One day, when I was in my second year of university my Dad turned round and said 'Why don't you just open your own shop?!' So I went out, bought about 5 pieces of vintage clothing and BAM - The Little Deer had Begun!

The Little Deer Lookbook Crown & Glory headband & kaleidoscope print cropped top

What do you think of local style?

I live in Brighton where everyone is quite grungy and casual! I love the style here as it fits in with my own personal style quite well! I like to dress in baggy casual dresses with heeled ankle boots and a few statement jewellery pieces. On days where I'm feeling lazy I love to just throw on a pair of Vans, some leggings and a baggy tee! Living in Brighton means I can do this and fit right in luckily!

The Little Deer Lookbook with butterfly clips and kaleidoscope cropped top

What advice can you give to those wishing to set up their own online retail business?

If you aren't 100% passionate about your business it wont work. Sounds obvious but you really really have to live, breathe, love and push your business 24/7. People wont listen unless you have something unique and special to shout about.

I would also highly recommend utilizing Social Media to it's full potential. Having a strong presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr over the years has helped us show people what we are about and what inspires us most. People like to see behind the scenes too.

The Little Deer geometric jewellery

What do you think the future holds for independent online retail business like yourself?

Hopefully a very bright and exciting one - but who knows! We create our own future!

I think people are beginning to understand the importance of buying something from an independent retailer that has been made in England by a Fashion Graduate who has put love and passion into every design detail rather than going to a high street store such as Topshop where nobody knows where that item was made or who it was designed by. Don't get me wrong I do love a good shop in Topshop but I think it is very very important to appreciate the difference between independently designed products such as the ones we have for sale at The Little Deer and mass produced, fast moving disposable fashion from high street chains.

Don't forget to connect with The Little Deer on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with them!

All images are credited to The Little Deer.



End of the Road Festival

outfit blog post on Sarah Loves outfit blog post on Sarah Loves outfit blog post on Sarah Loves outfit blog post on Sarah Loves
I'm wearing a Urban Outfitters black fringed vest top, French Connection sable striped festival shorts*, Dr Martens brown flash sandals*

This is what I wore at End of the Road festival, which is near the New Forest. We had a wonderful time but I'm really annoyed at myself for not taking more photos. I think I was just so pleased to be there and caught up at the moment that I forgot to capture it. I will try hard in future to take more photos at these kinds of things and to even review these sorts of events, since I would really like to write about them. What do you think? Would you be interested in reading about this sort of thing? I'm no music reviewer by the way, but I'm thinking more of writing about the venue, stalls and general atmosphere.

I know its been a while since I've done a personal style post but to be perfectly honest with you I've been way too busy, and so has my boyfriend who kindly takes my photos for me. I recently got some pet fish, which may not sound that exciting but they're pretty amazing to watch! If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I've posted a couple of videos on them as they're fairly entertaining. Well, as entertaining as tropical fish can get. I'm really in love with bringing nature into the home at the moment, and have succeeded so far by bringing in lots of houseplants into our home and filling our balcony full of heathers, lavender and ferns. I would love to write a blog post on our flat someday, since we're planning on living there for a good while longer we're started truly making it our home and sanctuary.

I recently started writing for the equestrian online magazine, Equine Online. If you're into horses as much as I am you will absolutely love their site. I write in their fashion and style section, so if you're on the look out for that perfect pair of jodhpurs or want to find a way to smarten up your riding gear, you should check them out.

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