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Flat Boots for Fall

Flat Boots for Fall
Footwear has to be one of the one areas in fashion I invest the most in. This is because a good, sturdy shoe will not only last you long time, but it can do the world of wonders for your feet, especially if you like being on you feet all day like I do. That's why I've put together a list of my top 8 practical and stylish boots from Clogg's Autumn/Winter womens collection that I think will help keep your feet comfortable all season long.

Quilted Chelsea Boots
Barbour Caveson Quilted Boot, £118.99
These are the perfect boots for the county bumpkin at heart. They remind me of farms, being at the stables and going for long country walks. I bet they'd look good worn with a pair of jeans and a quilted Barbour jacket.
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Waterproof Practical Boots
Palladium Pampa Sports Cuff, £109.99
These are super practical, waterproof lace up boots that have a very flexible look about them with their rubber sole. These would be great for those with narrow feet as they look like they could lace up quite tightly.
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Equestrian Boots
Clarks Orinoco Club Boot, £49.99
These equestrian looking boots are very smart and stylish, and would look good for walking around the shops all day. They have a good thick sole on them, which means they would be very comfortable.
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Boyish Boots
Dr Martens Aztec Crazy Horse Boots, £89.99
These tough and durable Dr Martens would be the ideal boot to take you from county walks to gigs. Dr Martens are well known for their thick, bouncy soles and will give your feet some serious comfort.
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Eskimo Boots
FitFlop Mukluk Suede Boot, £144.99
These boots make me think of Eskimo boots or Native American moccasins. They just look so comfy! Fitflop shoes have been designed to help look after your feet and keep them healthy.
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Arctic Boots
Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boots, £159.99
If you often go skiing I would pack a pair of these with you this winter. These boots have been designed for cold and wet conditions, so they'll be perfect for our British weather!
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Comfy Walking Boots
Rocket Dog Blazer Boot, £50.00
These super warm looking boots are made with a faux sheepskin lining, for extra comfort and warmth. Another comfy pair that would keep your toes warm this winter, as well as keeping feet comfortable with a good solid sole.
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Lace Up Boots
Timberland Earthkeepers Mount Hope, £144.99
These boots are most probably my favourites. They just look like they'll be so soft and comfortable on your feet and will help keep your feet comfortable if you're out and about all day long.
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Written in association with Cloggs. All opinions are my own.

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Revlon Photoready Foundation

Revlon Photoready Foundation Revlon Photoready Foundation review on Sarah Loves Revlon Photoready Foundation and Revlon Photoready BB Cream Revlon Photoready Foundation swatch

Photoready Foundation in Shell by Revlon

the product Photoready Foundation
the look Barely there make up
the cost £12.99
works well with Revlon Photoready BB Cream


Looks nice, feels nice, has a simple design which feels nice to hold. I like the pump as it makes applying easier as each application is one pump and means I don't get the bottle covered in foundation as I'm man handling it while getting more out of the bottle.


This foundation is very light, so much so it makes moisturisers feel like lead paint on my face. It's probably due to the light silky texture of this foundation that leaves me forgetting I have any on, resulting in me constantly touching my face and no doubt rubbing it all off.

I do find it difficult to over apply this foundation, as it is so light and silky it physically can't build up and become thick or streaky.


I'll be totally honest, by the time I take my make up off at night, if I used just the foundation on its own without the BB cream there isn't much left on my face. Again, this could just be because I keep on forgetting I'm wearing make up and am therefore touching my face. It does last longer teamed together with the BB cream though.


At £12.99 it isn't breaking the bank and you do get a fair amount for your buck. It contains 30ml of silky goodness and so far it is doing pretty well to last, as you only need one pump per application. The pump stops me from over applying too, or wasting too much in one application.

the verdict

This is probably most best described as a great summer foundation as it is light, is SPF 20 (which is fantastic for me as you cannot get suncream as light as this!) and makes you feel like you're not even wearing make up. It isn't greasy either, which is another plus.

I would recommend this product to fair skinned ladies who don't have any blemishes and want to make the most of their naturally good skin. I would avoid this product if you have blemishes or want to hide dark circles as it doesn't work very well as a cover up.

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Interview with Nicola Brighton

Interview with Nicola Brighton, digital design textiles * accessories designer on Sarah Loves

If you love bright and colourful brings you'll love these scarf and clutch bag designs by Nicola Brighton Design. Recently launched, Nicola Brighton's accessories label has already caught the eye of publications such as Cosmopolitan and is currently stocked in local online stores The Collective Boutique and The Little Deer, and London ecochic store Kitty DoLittle.

I'm a huge fan of nature, tribal and travel inspired fashion accessories, so naturally I'm head over heels in love with Nicola Brighton's designs.

Have you always been a designer at heart?

Ever since I took my GCSE in fine art, I knew that I wanted to go down the creative route. I have always being massively interested in fashion, but I decided to turn this into a career opportunity after finishing my Textile Design degree at university 3 months ago. Realising how hard it was to get a job in fashion, I decided to just give it a go and launch my own collection of designs!

How did you get into digital designs?

I discovered digital design whilst studying printed textiles at university, I much prefer it to the other option of screen printing! I love combining, photography, textures, drawings, pattern and colour through Photoshop manipulation, giving a much cleaner, precise, digital finish.

What is the process of making your prints?

I initially start with generating lots of different primary material, such as photography, textures, drawings, pattern, colour palettes etc, which I then use as my source of imagery for the prints. After then scanning all my different ideas into Photoshop I play around, combining all the different techniques to see what works and what doesn't, which is the part I really enjoy!

I love your themes of the tropics, travel and Kaleidoscope 70s vibes, how did you come across this inspiration for your prints?

I came across a S/S 2014 trend on WGSN called 'Next Nature', which inspired me massively! I used this as my source to conduct further trend research, into rainforests, carnivals, spiritual imagery etc, to create the colourful bohemian vibe I was going for. A trip to Kew gardens was also a great place to visit, as lots of drawings and photographs I took there, have being transferred onto most of my prints! At university, I named this particular collection 'Kaleidoscopic Jungle'.

If you could collaborate with any brand, store or celebrity, who would it be?

I would love to collaborate with brand 'Mink Pink' cause I love their fun, quirky and colourful style, I think my design style would fit well with their prints. Obviously, it would be a dream to collaborate with Topshop, or even have a concession in their store also!

We've seen your bright and colourful designs on scarfs and bags, whats next?

Well, I'm really hoping if it takes off, that I want to move onto producing a S/S 2014 clothing collection, filled with lots of bright quirky this space!

Keep up to date with Nicola Brighton Design on Twitter and Facebook!

All images are credited to Nicola Brighton Design.



Free People Melody's Prairie Tunic

outfit blog post on Sarah Loves outfit blog post on Sarah Loves outfit blog post on Sarah Loves outfit blog post on Sarah Loves outfit blog post on Sarah Loves
I'm wearing a Free People irovy tunic*, New Look boyfriend fit denim shorts, vintage shawl, thrifted sunglasses, Evolution beaded wrist cuff, New Look coral & gold wrist cuff, Ollie & Nic lizard necklace

I've been meaning to post this outfit for a while now but I've just not found the time until today. These photos were taken about a month ago when it was still really nice and warm. Sadly it is no longer shorts weather, all my shorts have now been packed away until the sun starts shining again.

I'm a huge fan of Free People at the moment, I just cannot get enough of their pretty things. It really is just as well they don't have a store in Brighton otherwise I'll be all over that. The things I really love from them at the moment are their smock dresses, you really cannot find any quite like them and they look so worth the price. Unfortunately they are still on the pricey side for me at the moment, I just can't justify £100 on a dress, especially when saving up for holidays, but one day... one day!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Hopefully it shouldn't be such a long time until my next personal style post.

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5 Wellingtons Perfect for Fall

Wellingtons are an essential in Britain, yet not many people actually own a pair that they would proudly wear out and about. I've seen so many girls getting their feet soaked because they've not worn proper footwear, and I did have to cringe a couple of times at Glastonbury this year when we had one day of rainfall and some people were squelching around in the mud in flip-flops. Honestly, with wellies at around £15 at the festival shops there really wasn't an excuse!
But the truth of the matter is wellies are cool believe it or not. And I'm here to prove it with 5 of the coolest pairs around.

Fox Print Wellies
Joules Green Fox Print Wellington Boots, £39.99
I actually have a pair of these but in navy blue with horse print on. Unfortunately they're not selling those ones anymore but they do sell a lot of over varieties in a selection of animal prints, such as different dog breeds and a rabbit print welly. They're a fun twist to a classic welly boot. Buy here >>

Classic Hunter Wellies
Hunter Original Green Wellington Boots, £63.99
This pair of Hunter wellies from the online equestrian store Burnhills are a classic. If you want to go for a good pair of wellies that will go with anything, this is the pair for you. They're good for festivals, at the yard, on country walks, you name it. Buy here >>

Feather Print Wellies
Roxy Jody Wellington Boots, £39.99
This bright and colourful pair are perfect for festivals and for wearing wellies in town, as you almost forget they are wellingtons altogether and just look like nice boots. They look like they have a nice chunky sole too, which shows that even fashionable wellies can be practical. Buy here >>

Tartan Wellies
Barbour Tartan Wellington Boots, £70.00
If you read this blog you'll know I'm a huge fan of Barbour, and these wellies have certainly moved their way onto my wish list. I love the tartan used in the Barbour coats and the way they've incorporated it into their wellingtons make these the perfect pair for country walks. Buy here >>

Stripey Wellies
Aigle Carelie Marine Wellington Boots, £27.49
This is the cheapest of the lot, at under £30 this pair are a lot more basic than the others but look like they would still do the job. They have a nice nautical theme to them and would be useful to those who perhaps did not wear wellies all that often and just needed a back up pair just in case. Buy here >>

Written in association with Burnhills. All opinions are my own.

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