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Sarah Loves: December 2013


A new year, a new blog

A new year, a new blog.

I could have never imagined how much I would have gotten out of this blog when I started it over three years ago. It has taught me a lot about writing about fashion, digital media and web design. I've learned how to create blog layouts, how to incorporate my illustrations into my photography and how to become part of the ever growing blogging community.

With a new year comes new dreams.

This last year I've discovered how to use Wordpress and how to design themes. Back in June I mentioned that I was thinking about moving to Wordpress. Well, the move will be happening very soon in 2014. In fact, it will not just be the blog platform that will be changing...

Sarah Loves will be undergoing a redesign and change of name in 2014 to go with its new focus: bohemian beauty, fashion & lifestyle, for wanderlust 20-somethings.

The idea is to make it more about the care free bohemian fashion and lifestyle, with lots of DIYs, how-tos, local and boho shopping guides, interior design inspiration, independent designers, and trying to be more eco conscious.

This new direction has been a long time coming as I feel like I have out grown my personal blog and want to make it less, well, personal.

There are so many areas I would like to write about that at the moment I feel I am unable to on my blog with how it currently is.

I enjoy going to festivals, and I would like to write more about the places that I go, particularly about the fashion and small businesses that exhibit and sell there. I like to venture to travel destinations off the beaten track, to places that are tranquil and isolated, and I know a lot of other like minded people do too. I'd love to start to share these things with you, other time it will be more incorporated into the blog.

If you follow this blog for the equestrian aspects, you should visit Equine Online where I write weekly. My passion for horses is currently channelled through their site, and also on my apparel brand I am kicking into gear over the coming months (and if I'm honest, years), Spirit of Equus. If you love horses and fashion, you'll love what I've got in mind. For now you can follow the social accounts on Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported this blog so far! I hope you’ll continue to do so after the relaunch!

Happy new year!



Midi Rings

1. Miss Selfridge Triangle Midi Ring, £4.00
2. Urban Outfitters Triple Triangle Midi Ring, £6.00
3. Urban Outfitters Gold Leaf Etched Midi Ring, £6.00
4. Topshop Bird And Bug Midi Ring, £6.50
5. Miss Selfridge Double Arrow Midi Ring, £4.00
6. Forever 21 Earthy Wreath Midi Ring Set, £3.15
7. Boticca Peggy Li Midi Ring, £27.50
8. Accessorize Ethnic Sterling Silverone Midi Rings, £10.00
9. Urban Outfitters Midi Ring in Gold, £6.00
10. Own the Runway Silver Infinity Midi Ring, £3.00

Click on the brand names to view the products.

If you read my post the other week on midi rings you'd already know I have a thing for them. I think they would make great little stocking fillers and presents for Christmas, and would be great to wear on the day itself and New Years Eve. I've noticed that there is a wide range of midi rings at pocket money prices on the high street at the moment. The majority of these rings come in between £3-£6, so that's not too much to splurge out.

I really like natured inspired jewellery, so the earth wreath midi ring by Forever 21 is certainly on my Christmas wish list. It is actually a pack of two, which can be worn stacked together, or on two separate fingers. I also really like the Accessorize midi ring pack, which is also a pack of two, and the Urban Outfitters triple triangle midi ring. I think all of these rings would look great teamed with other simple, delicate jewellery.

Do you like midi rings? Are any of these on your wish list for Christmas?